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Research Interests and Techniques

Mechanisms of platelet activation in thrombosis and haemostasis

We are particularly interested in the role of ion channels and calcium-dependent proteins. For many experiments we use the megakaryocyte as a surrogate for studies of signalling in the tiny, anuclear platelet. Techniques:  patch clamp, Ca2+-sensitive fluorescent indicators, quantitative RT-PCR, interference RNA, transgenic murine models, various assays of platelet function eg. aggregometry, adhesion, secretion, shape change

Development of platelet-producing megakaryocytes from stem cells

We are investigating the mechanisms by which platelets develop within their precursor cell, the megakaryocyte. Techniques: single and multi-photon confocal microscopy, patch clamp, interference RNA, single cell RT-PCR

Interactions between ion channels and GPCRs

We are investigating how ion channels can modulate signalling through GPCRs. In particular, we have identified a marked ability for certain Gq-coupled receptors (eg P2Y1) to be directly modulated by the cell membrane potential. Techniques: Patch clamp, Ca2+-sensitive fluorescent indicators, GFP fusion proteins, FRET

Martin Mahaut-Smith Image 1

Figure 1. The major contribution of P2X1 receptors to early collagen-evoked Ca2+ signalling in the platelet. ATP-gated P2X1 receptors are the only Ca2+-permeable ligand-gated ion channel reported to date on the platelet plasma membrane; it therefore represents one of the fastest means whereby vascular injury can activate a Ca2+ increase during haemostasis and thrombosis. For further details see Fung et al. 2007. J.Thromb.Haemost 5: 910-7.

Martin Mahaut-Smith Image 2

Figure 2. Confocal fluorescence imaging of the demarcation membrane system of the megakaryocyte. The confocal images show the staining pattern of membranes continuous with the extracellular space (dye: 10 mM di-8-ANEPPS). The complex demarcation membrane system, which provides a reservoir of membranes for future platelet production, can be seen throughout the extranuclear space of the large megakaryocyte. Small marrow cells lack this membrane system and stain as halos. For further details see Mahaut-Smith et al. 2003, Biophys. J. 84: 2646-54

Research Group and Funding

sources of funding

British Heart Foundation



Leicester Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit

Iraqi Government

Group members

Alex Bye

Sangar Osman

Kirk Taylor

Dr Joy Wright

Zeki Ilkan

Dr Lorenza Francescut

Tayyaba Iftikhar

Main collaborators

Professor Richard Evans, University of Leicester
Professor Alison Goodall, University of Leicester

Professor Jon Gibbins, University of Reading
Professor Richard Farndale, University of Cambridge
Dr Koji Eto, University of Tokyo

Dr Stefan Amisten, KCL
Dr Juan Martinez-Pinna, University of Alicante

Recent Publications


Rinne, A., Mobarec, J.C., Mahaut-Smith, M., Kolb, P., Bünemann, M. (2015). The mode of agonist binding to a G protein-coupled receptor switches the effect that voltage changes have on signaling. Science Signaling 8, ra110.

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