Current research grants

  1. UCB-Celltech Ltd Collaborative Programme Grant. High field NMR studies of protein-drug interactions. £812,434, 1.2.09-31.7.12 (a 2 year rolling research grant funded for a minimum of 3½ years)
  2. MRC/UCB-Celltech Ltd Ph.D Studentship. Characterisation of the structures and interactions of cell surface receptors for Wnt family proteins. £110,720, 1.10.08-30.9.12
  3. BBSRC/UCB-Celltech Ltd Ph.D Studentship. Solution structures of complexes formed between therapeutic antibodies and target proteins. £110,720, 1.10.08-30.9.1
  4. Wellcome Trust Project Grant. Determination of the molecular basis of the cellular functions of Pdcd4, a novel type of tumour suppressor protein with key roles in the regulation of transcription and translation. £309,173, 1.12.07-30.11.10
  5. Wellcome Trust Programme Grant. Structures, functions and mechanisms of action of major M. tuberculosis and M. bovis protein virulence factors: towards a detailed understanding of the molecular basis of tuberculosis pathogenesis and importance of pathogen to host cell signalling. £494,192, 1.10.06-30.9.09 (principal applicant Dr Mark Carr and coapplicants Dr Richard Williamson, Dr Bernard Burke and Dr Stephen Gordon)
  6. BBSRC Ph.D Studentship. Determination of the roles of secreted mycobacterial proteins in pathogen to host cell signalling. £66,600, 1.10.06-30.9.10
  7. Saudi Arabia Ministry of Higher Education Ph.D Studentship. Structural and functional studies of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex proteins linked to tuberculosis pathogenesis. £77,250, 1.10.06-30.9.09
  8. UCB-Celltech Ltd Collaborative Project Grant. High field NMR studies of protein-drug interactions. £331,184, 1.2.06-31.1.09
  9. BBSRC/UCB-Celltech Ltd Ph.D Studentship. The development and application of new NMR spectroscopy-based approaches for obtaining detailed structural and mechanistic information for novel therapeutic antibodies. £74,500, 1.10.05-31.3.09
  10. BBSRC/UCB-Celltech Ltd Ph.D Studentship. Determination of the binding site structures and mechanisms of action of therapeutic antibodies. £60,000, 1.10.05-31.1.09
  11. Iran Ministry of Health Ph.D Studentship. Determination of the structures and molecular functions of Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence factors encoded by the Rv3613c-Rv3616c gene cluster. £64,000, 1.8.05-31.7.08

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