Andrey Revyakin

Lecturer in Biochemistry

Tel: +44 (0)116 229 7010

Personal details

  • 1998: B.A. in Biochemistry (Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia)
  • 2003: Ph. D. in Biochemistry with Richard Ebright and Terence Strick (Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA)
  • 2004-2010: Postdoc with Steven Chu (Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley, USA)
  • 2010: Research scientist with Robert Tjian (Janelia Farm Research Campus, Virginia, USA)
  • October 2013 - present: Lecturer in Biochemistry, University of Leicester


Grimm J.B., English B.P., Chen J., Slaughter J.P., Zhang. Z., Revyakin A., Patel R., Macklin J.J., Normanno D., Singer RH, Lionnet. T., Lavis L.D. (2015) A general method to improve fluorophores for live-cell and single-molecule microscopy. Nature Methods;12(3):244-50.

Hajj B, Wisniewski J, El Beheiry M, Chen J, Revyakin A, Wu C, Dahan M.(2014) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A;111(49):17480-5.

Chen J., Zhang Z., Li L., Chen B.C., Revyakin A., Hajj B., Legant W., Dahan M., Lionnet T., Betzig E., Tjian R., Liu Z. (2014) Single-molecule dynamics of enhanceosome assembly in embryonic stem cells. Cell. 2014;156(6):1274-85.

Zhang, Z.*,Revyakin, A.*, Grimm, J., Lavis, D.L., and Tjian, R. (2014) Single-molecule Tracking of the Transcription Cycle by Sub-second RNA Detection. Elife. 2014;3:e01775. (*Equal contributors and corresponding authors).

Revyakin, A.*, Zhang, Z.*, Coleman, R.A., Li, Y., Lucas, J.K., Inouye C., Chu, S., and Tjian, R. (2012). Visualization of transcription by human RNA Polymerase II at the single-molecule level. Genes  Dev. 26 (15). (*Equal contributors).

Revyakin, A., Liu, C.-Y., Ebright, R.H., and Strick, T.R. (2006). Abortive initiation and promoter escape by RNA polymerase involves DNA scrunching. Science 314: 1139-43.

Revyakin, A., Ebright, R.H., and Strick, T.R. (2005). Single-molecule DNA nanomanipulation: Improved resolution through use of shorter DNA fragments. Nature Methods 2: 127-138.

Revyakin, A, Ebright, R.H., and Strick, T.R. (2004). Promoter unwinding and promoter clearance by RNA polymerase: detection by single-molecule DNA nanomanipulation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 101: 4776-80.

Revyakin, A., Allemand, J.-F., Croquette, V., Ebright, R.H., and Strick, T.R. (2003). Single-molecule DNA nanomanipulation: detection of promoter unwinding events by RNA polymerase. Meth. Enz. 370: 577-598.

Mekler V, Kortkhonjia E, Mukhopadhyay J, Knight J, Revyakin A, Kapanidis AN, Niu W, Ebright YW, Levy R, Ebright RH.(2002) Structural organization of bacterial RNA polymerase holoenzyme and the RNA polymerase-promoter open complex. Cell;108(5):599-614.

Naryshkin, N.A., Revyakin, A., Kim, Y., Mekler, V.M., Ebright, R.H. (2000) Structural organization of the RNA polymerase-promoter open complex. Cell 101, 601-611.


  • Single-molecule dynamics of transcription initiation
  • Stochasticity of gene expression
  • Real-time superresolution imaging

You can find out more on my research page.

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