Research Projects available to students who have their own source of funding

Prof M.D Carr - Molecular Basis of tuberculosis pathogenesis

Prof M.D Carr - Molecular basis of the control of eukaryotic gene expression

Prof M.D Carr - Structure-based drug design

Dr S. Cowley – Transcriptional Control of Stem Cell Differentiation

Dr C Dominguez - Structural investigation of Sam68-driven transcription/splicing coupling

Dr Echalier Glazer - The ubiquitin-proteasome system and transcriptional control

Prof I. C. Eperon - Analysis of mechanisms of pre-mRNA splicing by single molecule fluorescence

Prof I. C. Eperon - Mechanisms of splice site selection

Prof I. C. Eperon - Correcting splicing: development of therapies for cancer based on targeted oligonucleotide enhancers of splicing

Professor A. Fry - Identifying new cell division regulators for cancer drug development

Dr I Gyory - Transcriptional and epigenetic regulation in Leukaemia

Dr S. Macip - New modulators, effectors and functions of the p53 tumour suppressor pathway in cancer

Dr O V Makarova - Splicing and Disease

Dr P. C. E. Moody - Structure and function of core metabolic enzymes in enteric pathogens.

Dr R. Schmid - Bioinformatics and Molecular Modelling

Dr S. Shackleton - Nuclear architecture and its role in human disease

Dr K Tanaka - Signalling mechanism that coordinate meiotic differentiation - RAS and cell cycle regulators-

Dr M Vogler - The potential of BCL2-inhibitors for the treatment of lung cancer

Dr M Vogler and Prof. M Dyer - Investigating novel targeted therapies in B-cell malignancies

Prof. G.W. Vuister - Regulation of calcium transport across membranes

Prof. G.W. Vuister - Quality improvement and validation of biomolecular NMR structures

Prof. G.W. Vuister - Software tools for biological NMR spectroscopy

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