Children on Campus

The norm is that children are excluded from University sites.  Approval for children being on campus lies with the Head of Department (or their nominated deputy – see below).

Before bringing a child into the department/building/s, members of the Department are required to seek specific permission (on each occasion) from the Head of Department or his deputy (for Health and Safety matters) - Karen Monger, Departmental Manager, or Jon Tillotson-Roberts, Departmental Safety Officer.

Portering staff should be notified of permitted access by written (email) communication.  Children may only be brought into the Department under the supervision of a parent or guardian.  Children are prohibited from entering laboratories or departmental facilities such as cell culture areas, centrifuge rooms etc. and must be supervised at all times.  All visitors must be signed in to the building. 

Staff and students should be aware that bringing children into University buildings is not a substitute for childcare arrangements.  HR provide guidance on parental leave, time off for dependents, annual leave and the annual leave purchase scheme (links below).

What are the Department's responsibilities?

  • To ensure that children on campus are not put at risk
  • To ensure that staff are aware of the risks of children being on campus
  • To avoid inequality of opportunity
  • To ensure that the campus is a productive environment
  • To consider requests to bring children into areas occupied by the Department, following a suitable risk assessment
  • To ensure that staff are aware they hold a duty of care to children on campus and must act reasonably to remove any risks
  • To ensure that the Head of Department, or nominated Deputies, are provided with appropriate information and completed risk assessments, in order to allow decision making

When is it OK to have children on campus? - refer to policy

  • To attend organised, supervised and appropriately risk assessed visits and events (requires HoD or nominated deputy approval)
  • To access childcare provided by on-site nursery and crèches
  • To attend public performance
  • Pre-agreed social visits of staff on maternity leave with newborns (requires HOD or nominated deputy approval)

Risk Assessments

When carrying out a risk assessment, special attention should be paid to issues such as:

  • Access and supervision whilst on site (building layouts, operation of lifts)
  • Age and number of children
  • Higher risk areas such as laboratories
  • Stairwells (and emergency exits) have not been designed with children in mind
  • Welfare (i.e. toilet and hand washing facilities)
  • Maneuvering of prams/buggies, mobility impairment
  • DBS checks and safeguards
  • Photographs or recording
  • Time of the visit - will there be lectures starting/ending, or risk of lots of foot traffic at certain times which could put them at risk?
  • Approval by the Department

I need to invite a child/children into a University building - what do I do?

1)  Ensure you have read University policy for the Safety of Children on University Premises

2)  Undertake a risk assessment taking into account the additional points highlighted above (form available on the Safety Services website)

3)  Provide details to the HOD stating:

  • Date, times and duration of the visit/s
  • locations where the child/children will be during their visit
  • reason for the visit
  • name of staff coordinating the visit, phone number, email, location
  • names of the children, ages, and names of any accompanying parent/care giver
  • attach the completed risk assessment

4)  If the request is approved, you will should ensure that building reception staff are made aware of the details listed above.

Who is my Departmental contact for this process?

The Head of Department's nominated deputies are:

Karen Monger,, 0116 229 7095

Jon Tillotson-Roberts,, 0116 229 7044

What are the relevant University policies or guidance?

Policy for the Safety of Children on University Premises

Safety Services

Time Off for Dependants

Annual Leave

Annual Leave Purchase Scheme

Parental Leave

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