Me, Myself, and Others: A Cinematic Approach to Latin American Encounters

University of Leicester Research Seminar – 11th October 2014, 9am-6pm + evening viewing at local art-house cinema

Attenborough Building Film Theatre (University of Leicester) and Phoenix, Leicester

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This day-long research seminar, sponsored by the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS), the University of Leicester and the University of Lincoln, aims to bring together scholars who have been working on different projects on the general theme of ‘Otherness and Encounters in Latin American Cinema’, with practitioners working within and outside the film industry. The day will include panel presentations, film viewings, a video-installation and a performance.

 How questions about ‘Otherness’ and ‘Encounters’ have been historically addressed in Latin American Cinema, is the fundamental question that will lay the foundations for a better understanding of the productions of the region. By ‘Otherness’ we mean not only industrial discussions of ‘the Other’ industry -in comparison with mainstream Hollywood- but also of the cinematic construction and representation of the Latin American identity –how it comes into conflict with the self and others. Among others, the following questions will be raised: How are we encouraged to ‘imagine’ the region? Does the neo-colonial gaze persist?

Registration fees (includes all refreshments and lunch): £15 (basic package) or £22 (including evening film viewing at local art-house cinema Phoenix)

Registration deadline: 3rd October

Sola Akingbola performance FREE entrance to general public

For those who would only like to go to the film viewing at The Phoenix the price is £5 (to be paid at the venue)

Timetable of events

** Running all day: Video Installation Dreaming Cities (see presentation below)

9:00am Registration

9:20am Welcome and Opening words – Dr Clara Garavelli

9:30am – Panel 1: The ‘Other’ Industries

Chair: Sheldon Penn (University of Leicester)

Beatriz Tadeo Fuica (University of St. Andrews)

Diversity and Discontinuities in Uruguayan Cinema

Sarah Barrow (University of Lincoln)

New Directions: Exploring the Margins in Peruvian Cinema

10:20am Coffee break

10:40am – Film viewing with director

Professor Michael Chanan (University of Roehampton)

Presentation of his latest documentary, Interrupted Memory, with Questions & Answers


1:15pm Lunch


2:15pm – Panel 2: Urban Encountersarty.png

Chair: Prof. James Chapman (University of Leicester)

Fernando Sdrigotti (Royal Holloway, University of London)

The Politics of Other Spaces: Thinking the Deleuzian Out of Field in New Argentine Cinema

James Scorer (University of Manchester)

Constructing the City: Building Sites and Encounter in Latin American Cinema

Patricia Bossio (Birkbeck College, University of London)

Reinventing Me, Myself with the Others’, based on the collaborative project Dreaming Cities. Urban Encounters.

Followed by short introduction to the project by Adam Finch (Award-winning Film Editor and Video Artist)

Dreaming Cities is a long-term artistic collaboration creating performances and installations that brings together world-class artists from different cultural geographies and diverse artistic disciplines. The project explores themes of urban encounters and migration using documentary style interviews within a cinematic and musical experience.


3:30pm - Performance: Shaped by Urban Encounters (part of Dreaming Cities)

Sola Akingbola composer, actor, head percussionist to British jazz funk band Jamiroquai and also the founder and lead vocalist to African funky roots band Critical Mass.

He will be playing possible encounters: A journey from the Yoruba diaspora to the rhythm of Latin American cities and the making of a new common space here.



4:30pm Coffee break


4:45pm – 5:45pm Panel 3: Portraying Others

Chair: Dr Anna Claydon (University of Leicester)

Mariano Paz (University of Limerick)

‘Love thy neighbour!: utopian and dystopian visions of the Other in contemporary Argentine cinema’

Carolina Rocha (Southern Illinois University, Edwarsville)

‘Visions of Others: European Immigrants in Brazilian Contemporary Cinema’

Santiago Oyarzabal (University of Warwick)

'Realism, Music and Stereotypes in Caetano's Bolivia'


7:30pm – Film viewing with director at The Phoenix

Alejo Moguillansky (Argentine Film Director)

Presentation of his film El loro y el cisne (2013) with a Questions-and-Answers session after the screening

Cecilia Sosa (Queen Mary, University of East London)

Presentation of Moguillansky’s works and career followed by a dialogue with the director



Dr Clara Garavelli (University of Leicester)

Dr Sarah Barrow (University of Lincoln)

2015 Seminar

University of Lincoln – 21st February, 2015

Confirmed Speakers:

Marc Ripley (University of Leicester)

Agustín Rico-Albero (University of Hertfordshire)

Yvonne Cornejo (University of Leicester)

Maria Paz Peirano (University of Kent)

Guillermo Olivera (University of Stirling)

Clara Garavelli (University of Leicester)

Deborah Shaw (University of Portsmouth)

Project Presentation:

Michael Pigott (University of Warwick)

Porous City: Buenos Aires on Screen, based on Pigott’s practice led investigation into the critical relationship between filmmaking and the city. Drawing upon Patrick Keiller’s notion of ‘filmmaking as spatial critique’ the project seeks traces of the film-image in the real locations of Buenos Aires, and uses the camera as a tool for the investigation of urban space. Presentation of his two initial test films: Riachuelo Crossing (2014) and Villa 21 (2014), which will be on display throughout the day.

Registration deadline to be confirmed

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