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Our project blog, "Viewing and writing landscape: Luigi Ghirri and his legacy" ran from November 2013 to September 2013. You may read archives of the entries below.


13th November: Welcome to ‘Viewing and writing landscape’

21st November: Why this project? / Perché questo progetto?

21st November: BSR conference 9 October 2013

9th December: Some recent Ghirri exhibitions (2013)

15th December: About Me, Oliver Brett



18th February: ‘Grande Successo’ / ‘Great Success’.

25th February: Interdisciplinary Italy

21st March: Harry Callahan Exhibition at Tate Modern

6th April: Instituto Moreira Salles – Luigi Ghirri: Pensare per immagini/Thinking images.

18th May:  William Guerrieri – La fotografia dei ‘luoghi’ e gli autori degli anni Novanta

10 June: Cesare Ballardini, ‘Dal vero’, 2011

1st July: Lettera a Guido Guidi, Mohammadreza Mirzaei

19 – 21 September 2014 ‘L’esperienza del luogo’: Italian photography, writing and landscape. Luigi Ghirri, his contemporaries, his legacy.

7th November: Sisto Giriodi – Con gli occhi di Ghirri. Fotografia come festa mobile

22nd November: Part I: Nancy Goldring-The Uncanny Seascapes of Luigi Ghirri

22nd November: Part II: Nancy Goldring-The Uncanny Seascapes of Luigi Ghirri



12th January: Virtual Exhibition – Cesare Ballardini – Il centro del mondo, 2008-2012

31st January: Jacopo Benci gives a talk at the Barbican exhibition – Constructing Worlds: Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age

22nd February: Virtual Exhibition – Luca Nostri – Solarolo, 2011-2014

28th April: Virtual Exhibition – Sisto Giriodi – from the series Atlante Piemontese

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