Dr Nicole Fayard

Dr Nicole Fayard

Senior Lecturer in French Studies

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Personal details

  • Licence (Lyon)
  • Maîtrise (Lyon)
  • PhD (Leicester)

I sit on the Executive Committee of the Association of Modern and Contemporary France as Conference Officer and am a member of several other societies, including:

I was the creator and main co-curator of ‘Speaking out. Women Healing from the Trauma of Violence’, a contemporary art exhibition held at Embrace Arts, University of Leicester Arts Centre 10 January-28 March 2014. The event brought together artists, survivors, support organisations, and the general public and included a symposium hosted by Embrace Arts on the 31 January 2014.

I was also lead organiser of the Annual conference Association of Modern and Contemporary France held at Leicester in September 2013.

I won the following funding:

  • Grants and donations for Speaking Out
  • Enterprise & Business Development Prospects Fund grant (2013)
  • Service culturel de l'Ambassade de France à Londres Conference grant (2013)
  • Society for French Studies Conference grant (2013)
  • EMDA-HEFCE Innovation Fellowship (2012)
  • British Academy Small Grant (2011)
  • British Academy Overseas Conference Grant (2005)

I also sit on the University's undergraduate and postgraduate appeals panels and the University's course approval panels.



  • Understanding Contemporary France
  • Modern French Language
  • Interpreting French
  • European Texts in Translation
  • Modern French Language
  • Gender and power in contemporary France
  • MA in Medical Humanities
  • MA in Translation and Interpreting Studies



Selected articles in peer-reviewed journals:

Fayard N., ‘Spaces of (Re)Connections: Performing Experiences of Disabling Gender Violence’, Text/Matter (Autumn 2017, forthcoming)

Selected Book Chapters:

Fayard N., ‘Playing the Fools with Time and Space? Digital Remediations and the Shakespearian Time-Image on the twenty-first Century French Stage’, in Shakespeare: His infinite Variety, ed. by Krystyna Kujawinska Courtney (University of Lodz, 2017, forthcoming).


Guest edited special issue:

Fayard N., and Sheen, E. (eds.) Comparative Drama, Volume 50, no. 2&3, Summer & Fall 2016.

Selected articles in peer-reviewed journals:

Nicole Fayard and Erica Sheen, ‘Over Our Dead Bodies’, Comparative Drama 50 (2&3), pp. 135-143.

Fayard N., Bodies in a Car Park; or, Une Comédie Charcutière: Resuscitating Shakespearian Authorship in Contemporary French Street Theatre’, Comparative Drama 50 (2&3), pp. 145-163

Selected Book Chapters:

Fayard N., ‘Shakespeare’s Theatre of War in 1960s France’, in Shakespeare in Cold War Europe: Conflict, Commemoration, Celebration, ed. by Erica Sheen and Isabel Karremann (Palgrave, 2016)



Fayard, N. Speaking Out. Women Healing From the Trauma of Violence, Leicester: University of Leicester, 2014, ISBN: 978-0-9928272-0-5. Pages: 64


Selected Book Chapters:

‘Bodies Matter: the Materiality of Rape in Twenty-First Century France’, in Allison, Margaret and Long, Imogen (eds), Matière, Peter Lang, 2013.

‘Rape, Trauma and Shame in Samira Bellil’s Dans l’enfer des tournantes', in Jonson, Erica and Moran, Patricia (eds.), The Female Face of Shame, Indiana University Press, 2013.

‘Hamlet as a Figure of Thought: “Hamlet” in France’, in Peter Marx (ed.), The Hamlet Handbook, Stuttgart: Metzler-Verlag, 2013.

‘Reprise et transmission: le théâtre de la répétition de Daniel Mesguich’, in Declercq, G., Calle-Gruber, M., and Spriet S. (ed.), Reprise et transmission : autour du travail de Daniel Mesguich, Paris: Nouvelles Presses de la Sorbonne, 2013.


Selected articles in peer-reviewed journals:

Fayard, N. ‘Who's There? Shakespeare in Production as Heterotopia in Contemporary France’. Romance Studies, 29 (4) 2011, 269–84.

(with Yvette Rocheron) “Moi quand on dit qu’une femme ment, eh bien, elle ment.” The Administration of Rape in France and Britain. French Politics and Culture and Society, 29 (1) 2011, 68-92.


Selected articles in peer-reviewed journals:

Fayard, N. ‘France's 'other' national playwright? The Performance of Shakespeare in France and the Shakespeare myth’, Contemporary Theatre Review, 19 (4) 2009, 400-412.

(with Yvette Rocheron) ‘Unconditional consent as Lifestyle: The Sexual Life of Catherine M. by Catherine Millet’, French Review, 83(2) 2009, 330-342.

(with Yvette Rocheron) Ni Putes ni Soumises: A Republican Feminism from the Quartiers Sensibles’, Modern and Contemporary France, 17 (1) 2009, 1-18.

‘France's 'other' national playwright? The Performance of Shakespeare in France and the Shakespeare myth’, Contemporary Theatre Review, 19 (4) 2009, 400-412.

Selected Book Chapters:

‘“Faire parler ces femmes, [...] les libérer. Parce que dans les quartiers, on ne dit rien”. Alienation, sexual violence and textual survival in the work of Jamila Aït-Abbas, Samira Bellil, Leila and Loubna Méliane'. In Helen Vassalo and Paul Cooke, Alienation And Alterity: Otherness In Modern And Contemporary Francophone Contexts, Oxford: Peter Lang, 2009, 181-200.


Selected articles in peer-reviewed journals:

‘Daniel Mesguich’s Shakespearian “play”: Performing the Shakespeare Myth’, Theatre Journal, 59 (1), 2007, pp. 39-55.



The Performance of Shakespeare in France since the Second World War: Re-imagining Shakespeare, New York/Lampeter: Edwin Mellen, 2006. Pages: 624.

Selected articles in peer-reviewed journals:

Shakespeare with a Différance: Daniel Mesguich and the Revisiting of the Canon in Late 20th Century French Theatre’, Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, Vol. 10 (3), 2006, pp. 321-330.

The Rebellious Body as Parody – Baise-moi by Virginie Despentes’, French Studies, 2006, vol. LX, no I, pp. 63-77.


Selected articles in peer-reviewed journals:

‘Stéphane Braunschweig’s Theatre-Machine: Structuring Space on the Contemporary French Stage’, The Drama Review, T185, 2005, pp. 134-152.

Selected book chapters:

‘Sadeian Sisters: Sexuality as Terrorism in the Work of Virginie Despentes’, in Donachie, Sarah and Harrison, Kim, Love and Sexuality: New Approaches in French Studies, Bern: Peter Lang, 2005, pp. 101-120.


Selected book chapters:

‘A Hybrid Shakespeare: The shifting Frontiers of Georges Lavaudant’s Theatre’, in Rocheron, Yvette and Rolfe, Christopher, Shifting Frontiers of France and Francophony, Oxford: Peter Lang, 2004, pp. 325-336.


Selected articles in peer-reviewed journals:

‘A last bastion of resistance: Georges Lavaudant’s Theatrum Mundi’, Contemporary Theatre Review, Vol 13 (3), pp. 37-46.

‘Recycling Shakespeare in the 1990s: Contemporary Developments on the French Stage’, French Cultural Studies, 14/1, 2003, pp. 23-39.

‘Loft Story in the French Language Class: Mapping out the Perverse Discourse of Globalisation’, Language and Intercultural Communication, 3 (1), pp. 48-63.


My research focuses on 20th century and contemporary French theatre, in particular the history and politics of the performance, translation and adaptation of Shakespeare in France, focusing on their links to cultural memory and transnational identities. The Performance of Shakespeare in France since the Second World War: Re-imagining Shakespeare (Edwin Mellen, 2006), was one of many publications in these fields.

I am also involved in ‘Shakespeare in the Making of Europe', a European research programme bringing together scholars from Utrecht University (NL), the University of Amsterdam (UvA, NL), The University of Leicester, Radboud University Nijmegen (NL), York University (UK), the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (Germany) and Łódź University (Poland). I am also active in the School of Modern Languages Research Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies.

My other research interests include gender studies and feminist activism, in particular with regard to the field of gender violence. My work on the history of sexual violence and social movements in contemporary France has become widely recognised and I've also studied and written about trauma and survival.I'm currently researching the role played by non-government organisations in supporting survivors from the Maghrebi and African diasporas.


  • Performing Arts
  • Shakespeare in France
  • Translation
  • Interpreting
  • Gender studies
  • Sexualities
  • Gender violence
  • Trauma
  • Reparation
  • Literature
  • Autobiography

Previous supervision

  • 2009-2010: Dominic Rye MA Humanities
  • 2010-2011 Amina Easat MA Humanities
  • 2011-2012 Mariana Lupo di Occidente MA in Translation Studies
  • 2011- Mia Wang PhD Translation Studies Second supervisor
  • 2012- Maria-Jose Escudero, PhD Translation Studies First supervisor
  • 2012- Dora Hooper PhD Translation Studies First supervisor
  • 2012- Margrethe Vennegard Stuttaford PhD Translation Studies Co-supervisor
  • 2012 - Karen Wilson-de Roze PhD Translation Studies Second supervisor
  • 2012-2013 Hannah Briggs MA Translation Studies
  • 2012-2013 Robert Payne MA Humanities
  • 2012-2013 Helen Hogan MA Humanities

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