Dr Marion Krauthaker

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Lecturer in French and Francophone Studies

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

IGSRC Director (Interdisciplinary Gender and Sexuality Research Cluster)

French Section Coordinator

Joint Senior Tutor for Student Exchanges

Attenborough 1211

Tel: +44 (0)116 252 2690

Email: mk467@le.ac.uk

Personal details

  • PhD in French (National University of Ireland, Galway)
  • MA in French (National University of Ireland, Galway)
  • MA in English (Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France)
  • BA in French and English (Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France)
  • Khâgne and Hypokhâgne (Lycée Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France)

Originally from France, I obtained my early degree in the Hypokhâgne and Khâgne sections of the Lycée and Université Blaise Pascal (Clermont-Ferrand, France) and completed my postgraduate studies in Ireland.

I worked as a Teaching and Research Fellow and then as a Lecturer in French at the National University of Ireland, Galway from 2004 to 2012, as a Lecturer at the University of Sunderland in 2013 and I joined the School of Arts at the University of Leicester in 2014.


  • Challenging perspectives: Conflicts and Relations in French Culture
  • Figures of Alterity in the Nineteenth Century
  • Norms and Margins in French Cinema
  • Understanding Contemporary France / Introduction to French Studies
  • Final Year French Language - Reading and Writing


2018: "A review of Approaches to Teaching Sand's Indiana' ed. by David Powell and Pratima Prasad, Modern Language Review, Vol. 113, No. 2, April 2018, 407-409.

2017: "A Reflection on Pedagogical Rationale in the Neoliberal University: The Case of Self-Access Language Centres" in Journal of Pedagogic Development, Volume 7, No 3.

2017: "A survey of self-access foreign language centres in UK higher education institutions: Format, practices and challenges in 2016", Studies in Self-Access Learning Journal, 8(3), 223-234.

2017: "Gazing at Medusa: Adaptation as phallocentric Appropriation in Blue is the Warmest Colour" European Comic Art, Volume 10, Spring/Autumn.

2016: "S'écrire pour mieux mourir. Les Souvenirs de l’hermaphrodite Herculine Barbines" in Sexes, genres, sexualités. Que disent les manuscrits? ed. Danielle Constantin, Catherine Viollet (Presses universitaires de Rouen et du Havre)

2016: "Le Journal d’un voyageur pendant la guerre de George Sand ou le parcours d’une femme-citoyen" in Résistances Intérieures: Visage du Conflit dans le Journal Personnel, eds. Sylvie Lannegrand, Véronique Montémont (Academia L'Harmattan)

2016: "La souffrance entre les lignes : Le journal de Mary Martin, mère irlandaise sous la première guerre mondiale" in Résistances Intérieures: Visage du Conflit dans le Journal Personnel, eds. Sylvie Lannegrand, Véronique Montémont (Academia L'Harmattan)

2014: “The Peepshow and the Voyeuse: Colette’s Challenge to the Male Gaze” in The Phallic Eye: Sensational Visual Pleasures in Cinema and Literature, eds. Dr Gilad Padva and Dr Nurit Buchweitz (Palgrave-MacMillan).

2013: “Aurore et George, un je entre elle et lui” in La Faute à Rousseau, No 64 (October).

2013: “A Review of An Anthology of Nineteenth-Century Women’s Poetry from France” in Nineteenth Century French Studies, Volume 41, Number 3 & 4, Spring-Summer 2013.

2011: L’Identité de genre dans les oeuvres de George Sand et Colette (L’Harmattan).

2010: « George Sand et Colette: lecture croisée du hors temps et du hors lieu in "George Sand: Intertextualité et Polyphonie", edited by Harkness, Nigel and Wright, Jacinta (Peter Lang)

2009: “Corporeal Performance and Visible Gender Positions in Colette” in Francophone Women between Visibility and Invisibility, edited by McFadden, Cybelle and Teixidor, Sandrine (Peter Lang)

Main conference presentations and guest lectures

2018: Guest speaker at the University of Sunderland: 'Language Learning at the Age of the Corporal Reform of UK Higher Education'

2017: Discovering Teaching Excellence Conference (Leicester): 'Pedagogical Needs and the Neoliberal Agenda: the case of Self-Access Language Centres at the Age of the Corporate Reform of UK Higher Education'

2017: Talk at the Moore Institute of Research, National University of Ireland, Galway (May): 'Modern Languages and the Making of ‘Citizens of the World’: Recapturing the Values of a Discipline at Odds with Current Political and Educational Contexts’

2017: 6eme Colloque International sur la Didactique des Langues Secondes (Montreal): 'Reading Self-Access Language Centres in Light of the Current Higher Education Context: Values, Challenges and Opportunities'

2015: Rethinking self-access language learning in Light of the values and mission of the discipline (Leicester): Modern Languages Research Seminar Series

2015: Scopohilia. Genre et politique du regard (Lausanne) : "Etouffer le Rire de la Méduse, détourner son regard"

2015: European Comics and Adaptation (Leicester) : “Gazing at Medusa: Adaptation as phallocentric dynamics in Blue is the Warmest Colour”

2014: Séminaire Mensuel ITEM-CNRS (École Normale Supérieure de Paris): "Le Journal d’une mère irlandaise pendant les Pâques sanglantes"

2014: Ulysses Seminar (Ireland): "Analyse génétique du journal de Mary Martin"

2013: ADEFFI Annual Conference (Ireland): "Transgressions corporelles et textuelles dans les 'Souvenirs' d’Herculine Barbin"

2013: 37the International Congress of Francophones Studies (Mauritius): “Dynamiques Queers in: fluidité textuelle et sexuelle chez Colette”

2013: Journée d’Etude Annuelle du CNRS (Paris): "Analyse génétique du Journal d’un voyageur de George Sand"

2013: Ulysses Seminar (Ireland): Les journaux de George Sand: politique et sexualité.

2012: Séminaire Mensuel ITEM-CNRS (École Normale Supérieure de Paris): "Souvenirs d’hermaphrodite"

2012: Colloque Penser le Corps (Université de Gafsa, Tunisie): Prémisses Littéraires de Coporalité Féminine transgressive

2012: Conférence Littéraire Annuelle (Bibliothèque de Riom, France): Le féminin dans la litérature française du long XIXeme siècle

2012: School Languages, Literatures and Cultures Research Day (National University of Ireland): "Gender in Contexts and Texts"

2012: Gender in Ireland Conference (National University of Ireland): "Love the Sinner, Hate the Saint in Edna O’Brien’s 2011 Short Stories"

2011: Self, Selves and Sexualities International Conference (Dublin City University, Ireland): "Odysseys towards Fulfilling Gender Identities in Edna O’Brien’s Fiction”

2011:  Tango: Creation, Identification and Circulation International Conference (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales de Paris): "Féminin versus masculin dans le tango Argentin"

2009: Modern Language Board Conference (National University of Ireland): “The Reunion of two Lovers: One Story, Four Critical Interpretations of Colette’s Chéri.”

2008: George Sand International Conference: Polyphony and Intertextuality (University College Dublin, Ireland): « Paradis perdu, paradis retrouvé chez George Sand et Colette"

2007: Women in French Conference (Durham, United-States): "Sand, un artisan de la plume: travailler la contrainte et produire la libération".

2006: The Burn Conference (Scotland): "La Mascarade comme dynamique d’autoréalisation"


My research focuses on

  • French literature and cinema
  • Representations of Gender and sexuality
  • Dynamics of Norms and margins (social, political, ethnic, sexual, gender, generational, geographical, etc.)

I originally looked a literature (especially autofiction, autobiography and personal diaries) but my work has expanded over years to other medias such as cinema, comics, manuscripts and art.

I am the director of the Interdisciplinary Gender and Sexuality Research Cluster (IGSRC) which gathers scholars from different disciplines and holds research and community events aiming to explore how different historical, cultural, social, political and linguistic contexts impact on and constantly reconfigure the realities, meanings and codes of gender and sexuality.

Since 2014, I have developed an interest in the field of language learning, modern foreign languages as a discipline and educational policies. I am particularly interested in:

  • Equality and diversity in the curriculum
  • Global citizenship
  • Autonomous language learning and self-access language centres


  • PhD: Dora Hooper: translation (current)
  • PhD: Karol Valderrama Burgos: women and femininity in Colombian cinema (current)
  • Robert Payne working: representation of lesbian mothering in contemporary French literature (completed in 2017)

I welcome enquiries and proposals from prospective postgraduate students interested in topics relating to my research interest.

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