SLAS 2019 Pre-conference event – Documentary Film screening & Pub Social

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3 April 2019 - Part of the 2019 SLAS conference events. Watch 'Return to the Andes' (Peru/USA 2019, Mitch Teplitsky)



Date: 3 April 2019

Time: 18.00pm-19.30pm

Venue: University Film Theatre, Attenborough Tower Building Basement (Main campus)

Contact: Dr Clara Garavelli and Dr Emma Staniland


(This event is part of the wider SLAS 2019 event. Details are available here.)

Return to the Andes (Peru/USA 2019, Mitch Teplitsky)

The screening will be accompanied by a Q&A via Skype with both the director and protagonist of the documentary.


After living in New York City for 20 years, Nelida Silva (from Soy Andina) returns again to her Peru birthplace — this time with a dream of helping rural women start businesses. That’s a daunting challenge in the Andes, where many women are marginalized. But few things deter Nelida, and she succeeds in organizing cooperatives around skills like weaving and agricultural products like quinoa. Then the unexpected happens — she’s invited to run for mayor by a new political party. Fed up with the region's decline and corruption, she accepts the challenge. Can she become the first woman to win, running on a platform of sustainable development and anti-corruption?
More info, including trailer:


Director/Producer: Mitch Teplitsky is a documentary filmmaker and communications consultant for non-profits and producers, specializing in cross-cultural storytelling. Mitch’s first film, Soy Andina (2008), also featured Nelida. Before producing, Mitch was the marketing director of the Film Society of Lincoln Center. More recently, he was the PR Director for The Language Conservancy, a non-profit working to save endangered languages.
After the screening event, we would like to invite you all to join us at the Marquis of Wellington Pub, on London Road, from 20.00 – this is around 10 minutes’ walk from our campus – for a pre-conference social. The pub also serves good food until 9pm.

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