Serge Doubrovsky: Life, Writing, Legacy

Wednesday 28th February 2007, University of Leicester

Keynote speakers:

  • Serge Doubrovsky
  • Michael Sheringham
  • Jean-Pierre Boulé
  • Keith Reader

Serge Doubrovsky is well-known within the Francophone world and outside it not only for the 7 volumes of autobiographical writing that he has published since 1977 but also for the compelling contribution he has made to theorising contemporary life writing. In fact, his responsibility for coining the now widely-used term ‘autofiction’ has recently been recorded in both the Larousse and Robert French dictionaries. Within the wider academic community, Doubrovsky’s work as a writer and as a literary theorist continues to generate a rich vein of scholarly interest.

This one-day conference will address all aspects of M. Doubrovsky’s work and we are delighted to announce that M. Doubrovsky himself will be attending.

See the provisional conference programme


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