The Legacy of 1968 in Latin America: Workshop

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Friday 4 May 2018 sees the first installment of our 1968 Symposium event. A key aim of this workshop is to facilitate articulations of the ways in which academia, and the critical thinking that resides at its heart, touch base with the subjective and the personal.

Coordinator: Dr Emma Staniland, Teaching Fellow at the University of Leicester

Event details
Date 4 May 2018
Time 12noon-4pm
Location Charles Wilson, 408 (Woodhouse suite)
Contact Dr Emma Staniland
For bookings, please see main symposium page
Bocanada poster display


This workshop for undergraduate and postgraduate students will facilitate discussion of their own lived experiences of the personal as political, with a focus on the role of gender in contemporary daily life, and, crucially, on how their engagement with the field of Latin American Studies as academic discipline enables socially valuable understanding about our own and others’ lives.

Activities will involve the collaborative creation of artistic artefacts in text and image formats, drawing upon the actions of the student movements of the time. Invited speakers will participate alongside the student attendees, providing an extremely valuable point of exchange between research and pedagogy.

The workshop is intended to enable us to make sure this event also promotes Latin American studies to future generations of scholars. We will be providing both undergraduate and postgraduate students the opportunity to engage their own understanding of the connection between the political and the personal (so important in the current global climate) by applying their disciplinary knowledge and critical skills but also bringing their personal experiences to bear in a vibrant collective activity.

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