KIT - Summer Programme in Japanese 2019


Summer School in Kanazawa Japan

The University of Leicester and the Kanazawa Institute of Technology are starting a students exchange programme. Both departments, the English Language Teaching Unit and the Languages at Leicester programme are undertaking this endeavour.

This is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself into Japanese culture and improve your language skills over this summer 2019!

This page contains information on the KIT-SPJ 2019, the scholarship’s benefits, how to complete your application, deadlines and the Term and Conditions.


KIT-SPJ 2019 starts on 12th June and finishes on 25th July, with one break in the middle of the program from 12th to 15th July, at Kanazawa, Japan.


Full Scholarship

We will offer 10 full scholarships, which include:

  • Full KIT-SPJ 2019 tuition fees
  • Accommodation
  • Flight costs up to £800 per participant*

*Participants will be required to book their own flights. The cost of the flights will be reimbursed (up to £800). The first 50% will be reimbursed on confirmation of booking the flight and the remaining 50% upon submitting a 'KIT-SPJ 2019 experience report' once the programme has been completed.

Participants will be required to pay for their own food and entertainment.


Who can participate? All undergraduate and post-graduate students at the University of Leicester*.

* With the exception of Final Year Students who will graduate this Summer 2019.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used in selecting participants. We encourage students from all departments, with an interest in Japanese language and culture, to apply. However, preference may be given, in the stated order, to students:

  1. taking Japanese language courses at Languages at Leicester, at any level;
  2. taking degrees or post-graduate students that don't have a summer school or year abroad;**
  3. who belong to any of the following departments, as listed in order:

a) School of Engineering or Chemistry
b) Department of informatics, or Mathematics, or School of Geography, Geology & the Environment, or Physics and Astronomy.
c) School of Business
d) School of Arts
e) Any other UoL Students

** If your degree or post-grad includes a summer school and/or year abroad, but you haven't participated in any of them, please state this on your application, as you may be given preference as stated above.


Application process and dates

Step 1
Applicants are required to submit the following information/documents by Friday 8th February 2019 at noon.
(please CLICK on each point to download documents)

  1. Students registration
  2. Participant’s personal information
  3. Students information sheet
  4. (Scanned) Copy of your passport (the photo page)
  5. A digital photo for student ID card (Sized 4 x 3 cm, named as follows: “your name – University of Leicester”)
  6. Participants statement
  7. Essay** (A letter – preferably hand-written – introducing yourself to the future host family)

** Participants will spend half a day with a Japanese hosting family. The Essay is a letter to introduce themselves to the family.

  • For applicants with previous knowledge of Japanese languages (equivalent to Level A2 or above):

The letter, written in Japanese, will be used to estimate the applicants’ proficiency levels. Therefore, write the text to show how much you can write in Japanese, without the assistance of a native Japanese speaker. You can use dictionaries and/or textbooks, but no machine translations are acceptable. The topics may include your name and nickname, hometown, studies, future dreams/plans, interests/hobbies, food preferences or restrictions, your family, etc. Write at least TEN sentences. A hand-written letter is preferable, but a MS Word file text is also acceptable. Letters will be given to the local host families before the students visit them for half a day.

  • For applicants with no previous knowledge of Japanese languages (beginners):

The letter can be written in English. The topics may be the same to those written by proficient learners as above. Your letter will be passed on to the future host family.

Candidates are required to submit Applications by Friday 8th February 2019 at noon by email to including the following subject: "Application to KIT-SPJ 2019 - (your full name)"



Step 2

Applicants will be informed on the result of their application by Tuesday 12th February 2019. Subsequently, selected applicants may be required to attend a brief interview on Wednesday 13th or Thursday 14th February 2019.

Step 3

The list of 10 participants with the full scholarship will be submitted to KIT-SPJ on Friday 15th February 2019.


KIT-SPJ 2019 – Introductory talk

On Wednesday 6th February at 2 pm in the classroom ATT-208, we will carry out an Introductory Talk to describe how the programme is going to be structured, highlight its benefits and answer participants’ enquiries. If you wish to attend, please state your attendance: CLICK HERE. After clicking an email will pop-up (to, with subject included), please send it!

Further details on the KIT-SPJ 2019 can be found here:


If you have any questions please contact Martin Agnone at the Languages at Leicester department (



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