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You can use the ELP self-assessment grid to judge how competent you are in a language, and therefore which level you should apply for. If you are in-between levels on the grid or otherwise unsure, please contact us and we will help you to choose the appropriate level. If you have never studied any foreign language, the choice is simple – you’re a beginner!

All classes assume that you are fluent in English, but it does not have to be your first language.

Languages at Leicester Language Level Guidelines:

We offer up to seven different levels to develop language skills. The following table describes the entry language level required to undertake each of the levels offered by L@L. No formal qualifications are required to enrol onto one of our language courses.

GCSE and A-level language knowledge:

GCSE grades between C and F – L@L Post-beginners (2) level;

GCSE grades A or B - Intermediate (3) level;

A-level (in target language) grades between C and F - Upper-intermediate (4) level;

A-level grades A or B - Advanced (5) level.

Language levels offered by L@L

CEFR entry levels1Language Skills2
Level 1: Beginners No knowledge required R-W-L-S
Level 2: Post-beginners Full A1; or GCSE (grade C-F); or L@L's Beginners level R-W-L-S
Level 3: Intermediate Full A2; or GCSE (grade A-B); or L@L's Post-beginners level R-W-L-S
Level 4: Upper-intermediate (former Advanced level) Half B1; or A-Levels (grade C-F); or L@L's Intermediate level R-W-L-S
Level 5: Advanced (former Proficiency level) Full B1; or A-Levels (grade A-B); or L@L's Upper-intermediate level R-W-L-S
Level 6: Post-advanced Half B2; or L@L's Advanced R-W-L-S
Level 7: Proficiency Full B2; or L@L's Post-advanced R-W-L-S
Level 8: Proficiency Plus Reached C1.1 level; or L@L's Proficiency R-W-L-S
Level C: Communicational** B2+; or Being fluent in the language L-S
Level 1: Reading & Academic Research Beginners*** No knowledge required R-Ti
Level 3: Reading & Academic Research Intermediate*** A2 or B1.1 / A Levels R-Ti

1 CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (intended exit level).

2 R: Reading; W: writing; L: Listening: S: Speaking: R&Ti: Reading & Texts interpreting.

** This level will foster only communication skills (speaking and listening) through conversations, debates, role-plays, interviews and presentations.

*** This level will focus only on developing reading and text interpreting skills.

Language levels exit levels comparison chart

L@L levels*CEFR levels**UK Educational levels***Skills****
Beginners (1) A1 RWLS
Post-beginners (2) A2 GCSE RWLS
Intermediate (3) B1.1 AS-Levels RWLS
Upper-Intermediate (4) B1.2 A-Levels RWLS
Advanced (5) B2.1
Post-advanced (6) B2.2 RWLS
Proficiency (7) C1.1 BA (Hons) RWLS
Proficiency Plus (8) C1.2/C2 RWLS
Conversational (C) B2 + (onwards) SL
Academic Research Beginners (1) A1 & A2 GCSE R&Ti
Academic Research Intermediate (3) B1 & B2 A-Levels R&Ti

*L@L: Languages at Leicester's levels offered.

**CEFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (intended exit level).

***Describes the intended exit 'language proficiency level' that could be achieved by successfully completing the level.

**** R: Reading; W: writing; L: Listening: S: Speaking: R&Ti: Reading & Texts interpreting.

Changing between levels

If you find that your course is too easy/difficult for you and you think that the next level up/down would be more appropriate, please speak to your tutor. Please note that, while we will make all reasonable efforts to allocate you to a suitable class at an appropriate level, we do reserve the right to determine the class to which each student is allocated and, where necessary, to include a range of abilities in a class.


Online enrolments are now open.

If you have any questions please see our Frequently Asked Questions, read our Terms & Conditions or contact us: / +44 (0) 116 252 2662.

Enrolling in January/May

If your knowledge of the language is between levels, it may be possible to join a class in January or May at the start of a second term (T2). Please contact us if you think this option might be appropriate for you.

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