Fees and dates

Dates for 2019/20

Term 1 - Autumn term

First lesson in the week commencing on Monday 7th October 2019; final lesson in the week ending on Saturday 14th December 2019. Ten weeks in total.

Term 2 - Spring term

First lesson in the week commencing on Monday 20th January 2020; final lesson in the week ending on Saturday 28th March 2020. Ten weeks in total.

Term 3 - Summer term

First lesson in the week commencing on Monday 27th April 2020; final lesson in the week ending on Saturday 4th July 2020. Ten weeks in total.

Courses starting in October 2019 have an optional 6-week third term to consolidate learning and explore your language in a more tailored way.

Summer School

The Summer School offers a range of short and intensive courses (2 weeks) . They are aimed to enable learners to learn and interact in the target language in a very short length of time. Lessons take place on morning and afternoons, comprising a total of 60 guided leaning hours.

Starts on Monday 15th and finishes on Friday 26th June 2020.

Term 4 - Holiday term

First lesson in the week commencing on Monday 8th July 2019; final lesson in the week ending on Saturday 14th September 2019. Ten weeks in total.

From the request of learners we will be running Fast Track (intensive) courses during the Holiday term for those students who aim to make fast and further progress.

*Please note that there are two Bank Holidays in May (Friday 8th and Monday 25th) and one in August (Monday 31st), therefore if your class is on Monday or Fridays your course could be extended for another 1 or 2 weeks or lesson could be rescheduled in agreement between tutors and students.

Learning hours

Terms Guided learning hoursAdditional study hoursTotal learning hours
Autumn term (October - December) 20 hs* 10 hs* 30 hs*
Spring term (January - March) 20 hs* 10 hs* 30 hs*
Summer term (April- June  /  April- July) 12 / 20 hs* 6 / 10 hs* 18 / 30 hs*
Summer School 60 hs 60 hs
Holiday term (July - September) 20 hs* 10 hs* 30 hs*

* Fast Track courses cover twice the amount of hours in one term making a total of 60 learning hours over 10 weeks).

Fees for 2019/20

1 term (10 weeks - 30 hours)

from £110*

2 terms (20 weeks - 60 hours)

from £210*

1 term FAST TRACK (10 weeks - 60 hours)

from £210*

Summer term (6 weeks only - 18 hours)

from £70*

Summer School from £315*

*Fees vary according to each course. Please see details on each course page.

This covers all tuition, access to a VLE, marking, tests** and handouts, but not the textbook. (**With the exception of the iBSL exams).

(iBSL) Institute of British Sign Language Exam Fees

  • Level 1 Award: British Sign Language Studies - iBSL - Part 1 (iBSL1A2): £33
  • Level 1 Award: British Sign Language Studies - iBSL - Part 2 (iBSL1A3): £33
  • Level 1 Award: British Sign Language Studies - iBSL - Part 3 (iBSL1A1): £33


All enrolment is done online via the Enrol Now link using the University's Shop@le system. Payment in person, using a debit/credit card, can be made at the Fees Payment Office if necessary.  The University does not accept cash and cannot take card payments over the phone.


If your chosen course does not run for some reason (e.g. insufficient numbers) you will be notified before the first lesson and offered an alternative course or a refund.

Apart from the above, refunds will only be given under exceptional circumstances, such as serious illness (with a medical certificate), upon completion of a Withdrawal Form. No refunds will be given once classes have started. You will be asked to agree to this under the terms and conditions when enrolling.


Please note that we do not offer any discounts or concessionary rates except for:

Outgoing Erasmus Students

Outgoing University of Leicester undergraduate students travelling to Europe* as part of the (outgoing) Erasmus scheme can benefit from International Office funding during the second year of their degree.

When enrolling for a complete course (60 learning hours) students will only pay 50% of full price*. The International Office will then fund the other 50% if students accept the following requirements:

    • Attend at least 60% of all lessons
    • Sit all exams
    • The language course undertaken must correspond to the language spoken in the country the student is travelling to.

*Languages with Outgoing Erasmus funding: Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese & Spanish.

PhD students at the School of Arts

PhD students from School of Arts (SoA) enrolling for a complete course (60 learning hours) can benefit from 50% off the full price*. PhD students from the School of Arts (SoA) who have received approval from their supervisor and are within 5 years of completing their doctoral degree, can benefit from this funding.

Students on the AHRC Midlands 4 Cities DTP can also apply for the Student Development Fund. For further information please contact Louise Taylor at AHRCDTP@le.ac.uk.

PhD students from SoA who enrol for a course but fail to complete the course (attending at least 60% of all lessons and sitting all exams) will be invoiced for the outstanding balance.

While PGRs in the School of Arts are entitled to a discounted rate on languages as part of their School training support, other College PGRs should enquire about funding possibilities for languages from their own departmental support funds or from relevant College PGR Funds.

*British Sign Language courses, which are 10 weeks long (1 term, 30 learning hours) can also be funded for PhD students from SoA and Outgoing Erasmus (funding doesn't include the exam fee).

MA TESOL students from the School o f Arts

MA TESOL students who are required to join our language courses during the Autumn term as part of the MA please select the option MA TESOL on the payment page when enrolling. If you have any queries please contact us.

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NEW Courses 2019/20

Enrolments for Term 2 (Jan/Mar 2020) will open on Monday 2nd December 2019 at 12 pm

Teach at L@L

Dutch language tutor required


Language at Leicester is looking for a new Dutch tutor. If you are a Dutch native speaker, or have a near native language ability, and you are interested in this post please follow this link: Dutch tutor.

2019-2020 Term Dates

Classes run during the University terms and take place during evenings, afternoons and Saturdays:

Term 1: Autumn term (10 weeks)

Monday 7 October – Saturday 14 December 2019

Term 2: Spring term (10 weeks)

Monday 20 January – Saturday 28 March 2020

Term 3: Summer term (10 weeks)

Monday 27 April – Saturday 4 July 2020

Summer School (2 intensive weeks)

Monday 15 – Friday 26 June 2020

Previous learners say
"I cannot really express with words my sincere thanks to you for making my dream to improve my Italian come true! Thank you! Grazie!” - Italian, intermediate