Enrolments for 2018

NEW COURSES will start in May 2018. Our timetable is available on each course page. Courses take place on evenings once a week either on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays from 6 to 8 pm. There are also lessons on Wednesday afternoon (3 - 5 pm) and Fast Track (intensive) courses on Saturdays (10 am - 2.30 pm). For more information and queries please contact us (+44 (0) 116 252 2662 / lalenquiries@le.ac.uk).


  • Arabic
  • Arabic for readers*
  • British Sign Language
  • Chinese (Mandarin)***
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French**
  • German**
  • Greek (Ancient)**
  • Greek (Modern)
  • Hindi
  • Italian**
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latin**
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

** Arabic for readers is aimed for students who are able to read some Arabic, for example the Qur'an.

** Arabic, French, German and Italian courses are also available for academic research along side Ancient Greek and Latin. These courses aim to support reading and interpreting skills to enable learners to engage with texts in the target language at a very fast pace. Post-graduates and professionals carrying out research could greatly benefit from this training.

*** Mandarin Chinese Language, Culture awareness and Social etiquette for UoL Staff at Beginners. This training is available at no cost to all UoL Staff. members of the public are also welcome.

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Language levels offered

CEFR levels1Language Skills2
Level 1: Beginners A1 R-W-L-S
Level 2: Post-beginners A2 R-W-L-S
Level 3: Intermediate B1.1 R-W-L-S
Level 4: Upper-intermediate (former Advanced level) B1.2 R-W-L-S
Level 5: Advanced (former Proficiency level) B2.1 R-W-L-S
Level 6: Post-advanced B2.2 R-W-L-S
Level 7: Proficiency C1.1 R-W-L-S
Level C: Communicational*** B2+ L-S
Level 1: Academic Research Beginners** A1 & A2+ R-Ti
Level 3: Academic Research Intermediate** B1+ R-Ti
1 CEFR: Common European Framework of References for Languages (intended exit levels).
2 R: reading / W: writing / L: listening / S: speaking / Ti: Text interpreting.
* Our courses foster the development of all four language skills: Reading, writing, listening and Speaking.
** Our courses for Academic Research Purposes foster the development of reading and text interpreting skills only at a fast pace.

*** Aimed for advanced and proficient level students (B2 onwards) that would like to improve their conversational and listening skills.

If you are unsure about your level come to any of our drop-in sessions. We will help you to choose the best course for you.


Study at LaL 1

Lessons will start in the week commencing on Monday 30th April 2018. You are welcome to join the courses, subject to minimum numbers.

The majority of our courses take place from Monday to Friday during evenings. However, we also offer some courses on Wednesday afternoons as well as FAST TRACK (intensive) courses. These classes take place on Saturday mornings, enabling you to complete a language level within one term, having 60 learning hours over 10 weeks.

Please notice that the University doesn't take breaks during schools' HALF TERMS (Mon 16th to Fri 20 Oct 2017; Mon 12th to Fri 16th Feb & Mon 28th May to Fri 1st Jun 2018). Languages at Leicester Terms for 2017/18 are as follows:

Terms and length


Guided learning hours

Additional study hours

Total learning hours

T1: Autumn term

Monday 9th October / Saturday 16th December 2017

20 hs / 40 hs**

10 hs / 20 hs**

30 hs / 60 hs**

(10 weeks)

T2: Spring term

Monday 22nd January / Saturday 31st March 2018

20 hs / 40 hs**

10 hs / 20 hs**

30 hs / 60 hs**

(10 weeks)

T3: Summer term

Monday 30th April / Saturday 7th July 2018

20 hs / 40 hs**

10 hs / 20 hs**

30 hs / 60 hs**

(10 weeks)

Short T3 (for courses starting in October 2017)*

Monday 30th April / Saturday 16th June 2018

18 hs 6 hs

24 hs

(6 weeks)

Summer School (2 intensive weeks)

Monday 11th / Friday 22nd June 2018

60 hs

60 hs

(2 weeks)

T4: Holiday term

(Monday 9th July / Saturday 15th September 2018)**

20 hs / 40 hs**

10 hs / 20 hs**

30 hs / 60 hs**

(10 weeks)

* For courses starting in October 2017 the Summer Term (Short term 3) will have 6 weeks, finishing in the week ending on Saturday 16th June 2018.

** Fast Track (intensive) courses.

Our courses are taught over 2 terms (20 weeks - 60 learning hours), with the exception of Fast Track (intensive) courses, which cover the same amount of learning hours (60 learning) over 10 weeks.

Downloadable timetables
Timetable by DAYS
Timetable by LANGUAGES

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Contact Details

e: lalenquiries@le.ac.uk

t: +44 (0) 116 252 2662

Language skills on your transcript

Our language courses will be included on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) transcript.

Previous learners say

"I cannot really express with words my sincere thanks to you for making my dream to improve my Italian come true! Thank you! Grazie! - Italian, Intermediate

Language degrees

Modern Languages at Leicester, part of the School of Arts, offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees combining French, Spanish and Italian with each other and with other academic subjects. We also offer degrees in translation and interpreting.

2017-2018 Term Dates

Classes run during the University terms and take place during evenings, afternoons and Saturdays:

Term 1: Autumn term (10 weeks)

Monday 9 October – Saturday 16 December 2017

Term 2: Spring term (10 weeks)

Monday 22 January – Saturday 31 March 2018

Term 3: Summer term (10 weeks)

Monday 30 April – Saturday 7 July 2018

Summer School (2 intensive weeks)

Monday 18 – Friday 29 June 2018