japanese_circled_flagKonnichi-wa! こんにちは。

There are more than 125 million native speakers of Japanese and, despite the language's apparent complexity, its popularity as a second language is growing (particularly in China, South Korea and Australia).

A knowledge of Japanese can be very useful in all aspects of international trade, finance and banking. Japan is also a popular and fascinating holiday destination, and Japanese culture - from J-pop to J-horror - is now present globally with scores of non-native speakers enjoying Japanese music, films, TV, literature and, of course, comic books.

Whether you want to impress business clients, ride the bullet train past Mount Fuji or just watch Ghost in the Shell without subtitles, a Japanese course from Languages at Leicester can be the solution. You will not only learn spoken Japanese, you will also find out about Japanese manners and customs and be introduced to some basic written characters (Kanji) in both the Hiragana and Katakana scripts.

Levels offered ONLINE

Beginners Plus (level 1)

You can manage Japanese in basic situations using the present tense. You also have some knowledge of Hiragana and Katakana and have already studied Japanese for approximately one year.

Post-beginners Plus (level 2)

You can read and write basic Japanese sentences in everyday situations using Hiragana, Katakana and basic Kanjis, in past, present and future tenses.

Not sure which level you want? Use the ELP self-assessment grid to identify your level of competence.

Start learning right now...

Greeting: "Ohayo gozaimasu" (good morning - formal)

Counting: ichi, ni, san, shi, go...

Useful phrase: "Ki o tuskero! Gojira da!" ("Watch out! It's Godzilla!")

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