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These courses are designed to start from an absolute beginners and will teach learners to communicate with deaf people on a range of general topics. You will be taught by a professional Deaf Tutor in a friendly and supportive environment.

Courses lead to a qualification* that is divided into three units for the Level 1 and four units for the Level 2.  Each unit for Level 1 can be achieved separately.  For Level 2, learners are required to enrol onto the 25 week course.

Qualification Aims

The Level 1 qualification aims to enable learners to develop suitable and sufficient skills to communicate with Deaf people in British Sign Language (BSL) on everyday topics in accordance with the National Language Standards at Level 1.

The Level 2 qualification aims to further Learners’ experiences and development in communication through British
Sign Language (BSL) with Deaf people on everyday topics involving social life and at work, school or college.
A Level 2 course will enable development in functional BSL communication in more depth than at Level 1,
requiring a wider grasp of grammar to cope with some non-routine language exchanges.

Courses & Qualification Structure

The Level 1 qualification is divided into three units and it is taught over three courses as follows:

  • Level 1 - Part 1: Unit iBSL 1A2: Descriptive Skills in BSL
  • Level 1 - Part 2: Unit iBSL 1A3: Conversational Skills in BSL
  • Level 1 - Part 3: Unit iBSL 1A1: Receptive Skills in BSL

The Level 2 qualification is divided into four units, but it is taught over three courses as follows:

  • Level 2 - Part 1: Unit iBSL 2A2: Developing BSL Presentation Skills in BSL
  • Level 2 - Part 2: Unit iBSL 2A3: Understand and take part in routine conversations in BSL
  • Level 2 - Part 3: Units iBSL 2A4 and 2A1: Understand and use routine BSL in everyday contexts & Receptive Skills in BSL

*This qualification is optional and can be achieved by undertaking iBSL's (the awarding body) assessment (the exam fee for each of all Level 1 and 2 units is £33).

Please notice that we advise students to undertake the examination of the Level 2 (only) after having completed the learning activities of all four Units (2A2, 2A3, 2A4 & 2A1) taught over three courses for better results.


For this course Languages@Leicester is working in partnership with The lead Tutor for these courses is Frank Sly. He has been teaching BSL and deaf awareness for over 25 years and has been an assessor and moderator for CACDP/Signature for the best part of two decades. Frank has a special interest in maintaining excellence in teaching standards in BSL and holds the PTLLS and CAVA qualifications.


Levels offered: British Sign Language

iBSL 'Level 1 Award' - Part 1 (Unit 1A2)

You have little or no prior knowledge of British Sign Language.

iBSL 'Level 1 Award' - Part 2 (Unit 1A3)

You have completed the 'Level 1 Award - Part 1' and you would like to continue learning British Sign Language.

iBSL 'Level 1 Award' - Part 3 (Unit 1A1)

You have completed the 'Level 1 Award - Part 2' and you would like to continue learning British Sign Language.

iBSL 'Level 2 Award' - All Units (2A1, 2A2, 2A3 & 2A4) AVAILABLE FROM OCTOBER 2020

You have completed the full 'Level 1 Award' and you would like to continue learning British Sign Language.

Not sure which level you want? Please contact us.


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