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Arabic speakers are in greater demand than ever before. Both, governmental and non governmental organization in the UK and all around the globe have declared Arabic as a key language for its relevant involvement in world affairs.

Arabic is the official language in 22 Arab countries. It is also the liturgical language of Islam, the faith of over 1.8 billion people worldwide. There is a whole spectrum of spoken Arabic dialects, with 350-400 million native speakers worldwide, of which the most common (90 million speakers) is the Egyptian dialect. There is however a single official written version of the language: Modern Standard Arabic or Literary Arabic.

A working knowledge of Arabic can be enormously useful for anyone interested in contemporary politics, comparative religion or north African culture or history. It also comes in handy if you want to travel the world, especially if you plan to see the pyramids.

Arabic for Readers is aimed for students who are able to read some Arabic, for example the Qur'an.

Level offered: Arabic for readers

Beginners (level 1)

You have little or no prior knowledge of spoken Arabic, but you can read the Qur'an or some Arabic.

Not sure which level you want? Use the ELP self-assessment grid to identify your level of competence.

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Greetingالسَلا م عليكم "as-salaam 'alaykum" (peace be upon you)

Counting: waaHid, Ithnaan, Thalaatha, arba'a, Khamsa...

Useful phrase: عندكم شاي بالنعناع؟ "indakom shai binnanaa?" (Do you have mint tea?)

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