Information about our language courses

Courses starting in October 2017

Study at LaL 1

  • Arabic - beginners, post-beginners & Intermediate; and Arabic for academic research at beginners level
  • Arabic for readers - beginners (for people who already can read Arabic - e.g. the Qur'an)
  • British Sign Language - iBSL Entry / Signature Level 1 Unit 102 & Level 2 Part 1 (unit 202)
  • Chinese (Mandarin) - beginners, post-beginners, intermediate & upper-intermediate
  • Chinese (Mandarin) - Language, culture awareness and Social etiquette for UoL Staff at beginners level
  • Danish - beginners
  • Dutch - beginners, post-beginners & intermediate
  • French - beginners, post-beginners, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced, post-advanced & proficiency; and French for academic research at beginners level
  • German - beginners, post-beginners, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced, post-advanced & proficiency; and German for academic research at beginners level & intermediate level
  • Greek (Ancient) - for academic research at beginners level
  • Greek (Modern) - beginners & post-beginners
  • Hindi - beginners
  • Italian - beginners, post-beginners, intermediate, upper-intermediate & advanced; and Italian for academic research at beginners level
  • Japanese - beginners, post-beginners, intermediate, upper-intermediate & advanced
  • Korean - beginners. post-beginners & intermediate
  • Latin - for academic research at beginners level & intermediate level
  • Polish - beginners, post-beginners and intermediate
  • Portuguese - beginners, post-beginners and intermediate
  • Russian - beginners and post-beginners
  • Spanish - beginners, post-beginners, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced, post-advanced & proficiency

If you have any questions please email us at or call us on 0116 252 2662.


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Academic Research purposes

These courses are taught at different levels starting from absolute beginners; so no previous knowledge is required (though it can help). All classes focus on developing reading and grammar skills to enable students to engage with a variety of texts in their chosen target language. As so many sources are not translated into English and information is published in many other languages, having the ability to read a foreign language is something employers and universities look very highly on.

The benefit of developing reading and text interpreting skills only, it that it enables a much faster pace of learning and comprehension. In a fairly short time students are able to understand most information presented to them as well as develop abilities to further supplement their own learning. In a 20-week course students complete the equivalent to two (or more) levels (A1 & A2+) of the above courses.

  • academicArabic for academic research - beginners
  • French for academic research - beginners
  • German for academic research - beginners and intermediate
  • Greek (Ancient) - beginners
  • Italian for academic research - beginners
  • Latin - beginners and intermediate

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    Summer School courses - 2 intensive weeks

    These very intensive Summer courses are aimed to enable learners to acquire language skills at beginners level in a very short length of time (2 weeks). Lessons take place on morning and afternoons, comprising a total of 60 guided learning hours.

    These courses are ideal for busy people and students who would like to learn new skills to support their professional and personal development, as well as their employability and/or study during the holiday period.

    Accommodation can also be provided for learners who don't reside in Leicester at a very convenient price. Rooms are located at just 5 minutes walking distance from the Central Campus, where lessons take place.

    Courses will take place over the Summer (June 2018). Registrations will open in February 2018.


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    t: +44 (0) 116 252 2662

    Language skills on your transcript

    Our language courses will be included on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) transcript.

    Previous learners say

    "I cannot really express with words my sincere thanks to you for making my dream to improve my Italian come true! Thank you! Grazie! - Italian, Intermediate

    Language degrees

    Modern Languages at Leicester, part of the School of Arts, offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees combining French, Spanish and Italian with each other and with other academic subjects. We also offer degrees in translation and interpreting.

    NEW Courses 2018

    Enrolments for courses starting in January 2018 will open on 1st December 2017.

    2017-2018 Term Dates

    Classes run during the University terms and take place during evenings, afternoons and Saturdays:

    Term 1: Autumn term (10 weeks)

    Monday 9 October – Saturday 16 December 2017

    Term 2: Spring term (10 weeks)

    Monday 22 January – Saturday 31 March 2018

    Term 3: Summer term (10 weeks)

    Monday 30 April – Saturday 7 July 2018

    Summer School (2 intensive weeks)

    Monday 18 – Friday 29 June 2018

    Please note Languages at Leicester courses will be running during University of Leicester Reading Weeks.