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All our courses take place within the main campus of the University of Leicester. You will be given details of your building and room number 48 hours before the course starts. Please see the University maps and directions.

For courses which take place before 5.00pm, please be aware that there is no daytime parking available at the university main campus. A list of local public car parks can be found here.


If you are unable to attend a class, please let us know. Your tutor will save any handouts for you, and you should be able to catch up without undue difficulty.

Books and websites

On most of our courses the tutor will follow a published textbook. You will be told what your textbook is before the course starts and will be expected to buy a copy. A dictionary in your chosen language will also help, of course!

Some tutors have put together tailored booklets to suit the requirements of the language and level better. It also fosters a more customised learning experience. In this case booklets are provided to students at no cost.

All courses also include an online virtual environment, in which materials and exercises are available for learning and training. It aims to provide further learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Your tutor will introduce and provide access to it on the first lesson of your course. Online modules are easily reached through all devices at any time to suit your convenience to facilitate practising, developing skills and have fun! If you have problems accessing your Online Virtual Environment, please contact

Your tutor will advise you about any other books that could be useful for further exploration of your chosen language or culture as well as appropriate online resources. They may also be able to tell you which ones to avoid!

Some textbooks are available to be ordered through our website (link will be provided shortly).


Upon completion of two full terms, or a term in the case of Fast Track courses, you will have completed the level and be ready to progress onto the next one.

Tests and certificate

During the course you will be asked to complete various pieces of work to help you with your learning. At the end of the course there will be a (non-compulsory) formative test, after which you will be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency at Pass, Merit or Distinction level. Certificates will be handed by tutors on the final lesson of course.

Your tutor may also set homework on some weeks; however this will be optional and not essential to either the course or the final tests.

Learners who do not wish to take the tests can also request a Certificate of Attendance, providing they attended at least 70% of all lessons.

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

If you are an undergraduate student at the University of Leicester, successful completion* of Languages@Leicester courses will NOW appear on your electronic transcript when you graduate.

HEAR is an electronic document issued by the University which provides a full record of your experience, highlighting details of your programme of study, including modules, and your developed knowledge and skills. The report also includes information on additional awards and recognised activities that students have engaged in, for example, an employability award, volunteering or student union responsibilities.

The HEAR provides important benefits for learning and employability. It can help you look at the attributes and skills acquired through your time at university, enabling you to reflect on your progress and plan your development as part of your degree programme. The HEAR can also develop your employability, as the report can help you see the value of capturing - and aid in the communicating of - a range of experiences and skills. You can then utilise this ability to communicate when job seeking and applying for work or further study.

The HEAR also provides clear information to employers focused on a student’s breadth of achievement, represented through a rich picture of their overall higher education experience. The following video illustrates how employers value the HEAR (click here).

For more information visit the following websites:

*Successful completion is awarded upon passing the exam process as follows: Pass (third grade over all tests), Merit (second grade over all tests) or Distinction (pass all tests with a first grade).


The most important thing to remember is to tell us if you encounter any problems. We want you to succeed and it is important to let us know of any issues you might be facing so we can help you solve it!

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Language skills on your transcript

Our language courses will be included on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) transcript.

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