Recognition for iBSc Achievements

Posted by njc6 at Sep 04, 2015 12:05 PM |
Leicester medical iBSc students have been recognised for academic research undertaken during their intercalated year.
  • Karl Holden's posters and abstract submitted to the European Respiratory Society International Congress 2015 on “Are raised blood eosinophils during acute wheeze associated with exacerbation frequency in preschool children” and “Are acute exacerbation blood eosinophil numbers associated with clinical pattern of preschool wheeze?” have been accepted.
  • The Anaesthetic Research Society has accepted the abstract for on “Coupling of the NOP receptor to MAP Kinase”, by Jonothan O'Doherty, for publication.
  • Poster and abstract submitted by Danielle Richler-Potts to the British Renal Society on “Body composition, quality of life and physical function in renal transplant recipients” were accepted.
  • We would also like to bring to you attention publications in relation to an iBSc project undertaken by Robert Jackson in 2012/13.
    These publications include:
  • Panhwar F, Rainbow RD, Jackson R & Davies NW. Ca2+ dependent but PKC independent signalling mediates UTP induced contraction of rat mesenteric arteries (Under revision at the Journal Of Smooth Muscle Research)

    Jackson R, Brennan S, Fielding P, Sims MW, Challiss RAJ, Adlam D, Squire IB & Rainbow RD. Acute Vasoconstriction in Response to Elevated Glucose: Distinct Roles of PKCα and PKCβ in Mediating Inhibition of Kv Current. Brit J Pharmacol (Submitted)

    Brennan S, Jackson R, Patel M, Sims MW, Hudman D, Norman RI, Lodwick D & Rainbow RD. (2015) Early opening of sarcolemmal ATP-sensitive K+ channels is not a key step in PKC-mediated cardioprotection. J Mol Cell Cardiol, 79:42-53

These are major achievements – congratulations to all!

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