Leicester Medical School has been utilising e-assessment for formative exams, especially since beginning to use iPads. Some of the methods are as follows:

Blackboard allows students to take exams anytime, and (in the case of multiple choice or single-best answer) automatically scores and gives feedback. This short video explains how to create tests using Blackboard.

ExamSoft allows students to take secure exams on their iPads. Currently, only Phase 1 students are eligible to do exams on ExamSoft. ExamSoft is comprised of the online database where teaching staff can add in questions and create and launch exams, and the app Examplify which students download from the app store, log in with ExamSoft credentials, and do exams on their iPads. This video explains how to get started using the Examplify app.

Examsoft - How to release quiz feedback to students

For more information on using ExamSoft with Leicester Medical students, email Terese Bird.

To set up multiple markers of assessments: http://university.examsoft.com/h/i/270080055-setting-up-multiple-graders

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