Teaching and Learning with iPads - Guides for Instructors

First Year Groupwork document

Leicester Medical School is the first UK medical school to adopt a one-iPad-per-student programme at the undergraduate level. Every first-year student receives an iPad for her learning as soon as she arrives to Leicester Medical School. Students are expected to bring their iPads to every class session in order to take notes, capture online resources, collaborate with other students, and watch and listen to multimedia learning materials.

These guides will get you started creating learning materials for use on iPads.

Creating a unit workbook for use on iPads

Linking to University Library resources (ClinicalKey, Lippincott, and others)

Sharing out lecture slides

What Apps for your iPad? Apps recommended and suggested for students

"Reflect" Lecture Capture (Panopto)

Explain Everything - to create hand-drawn videos with narration

Blackboard - Set up a Web Folder for your Resources Unit

Blackboard - Preparing Your Unit Resources Area on Blackboard

Blackboard - Uploading Files to Content Collection

Participoll for live voting and polling in class

Top Hat app to allow fuller qualitative interaction and polls both inside and outside class


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