LMS Standards for Clinical Teachers

The standards are not new and simply formalise what would be expected of a clinical teacher supporting Leicester medical students.

1. Preparing to Teach

  • Has made efforts to find out the expected learning outcomes of the clinical placement
  • Has reviewed student and staff handbooks where these are available

2. Delivery of Teaching

  • Actively supports the delivery of the teaching programme
  • Encourages curiosity and independent thinking about clinical medicine
  • Is able to explain key concepts appropriate to student level
  • Relates the clinical teaching to previous theoretical learning
  • Provides student feedback where appropriate

3. Teacher Conduct

  • Actively engages students in learning
  • Create a safe and positive environment to encourage effective learning
  • Treats students professionally and with respect
  • Demonstrates commitment to teaching by adequate preparation and making time for students

4. Supporting Activities

  • Within the parameters of the role is available to provide students with support and assistance
  • Identifies and addresses any concerns regarding students they are responsible for
  • Encourages feedback on their teaching
  • Can signpost the student to appropriate support agencies at the University, i.e. Pastoral Support Unit at the Medical School or University Services such as Health and Wellbeing, Student Counselling, Student Welfare, AccessAbility or the University Chaplaincy

5. Training in Clinical Teaching

  • All newly appointed clinical teachers should attend a formal induction to their undergraduate teaching role
  • All clinical teachers should attend at least a half day relevant refresher course on clinical teaching every three years e.g. clinical teaching skills, giving student feedback, learning styles

6. Acknowledging and Developing Skills

Teaching activity in appraisal should be judged as satisfactory based on:

  • Student evaluation of the teaching delivered
  • Evidence that they have contributed to the teaching from those organising the programme and evaluation of this contribution
  • Observation of teaching by someone qualified to observe at least once every five years (consistent with validation requirements).

D Heney & R WrightDr Dilesh Lakhani with Star Tutor Award

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