Outstanding Clinical Teacher Award

Judging Criteria

Nominee has delivered an ‘outstanding teaching experience’ and has consistently made efforts to:

  • Find out the expected learning outcomes
  • Review student and staff handbooks
  • Adequately prepare for teaching sessions
  • Make time for students
  • Explain key concepts appropriate to student level
  • Relate the clinical teaching to previous theoretical learning
  • Actively engage students in learning
  • Provide student feedback where appropriate
  • Create a safe and positive environment to encourage effective learning
  • Treat students professionally and with respect
  • Be a good role model
  • Provide students with support and assistance
  • Encourage feedback on their teaching

(LMS Standards for Clinical Teachers, 2015)

Dr Chloe Spence with Award










Outstanding Clinical Teacher Winners


Dr Alastair Sandilands (Leicester Hospital)
Dr Bhavik Patel (GP)
Dr Hannah Bonfield (Phase 1 Academic Teacher)
Mr Khazeh Fananapazir (Dedication to Teaching)
Dr Lisa Quinn (Phase 1 Academic Teacher)
Dr Natasha Lander (Foundation Doctor)
Dr Ron Hsu (Dedication to Teaching)
Dr Raghavendra Kulkarni (Phase 1 Clinical Teacher)
Dr Steve Jacques (Phase 1 Academic Teacher)
Dr Udi Shmueli (District Hospital)


Dr Navin Leanage, Glenfield Hospital (Foundation Doctor)
Dr Sam Adcock, Bushloe End GP Surgery (GP)
Miss Sheweidin Aziz, Leicester Royal Infirmary (Specialist Trainee)
Dr Alastair Sandilands, Glenfield Hospital (Leicester Hospitals)
Dr Syed Hussain, Kettering General Hospital (District Hospitals)
Mrs Joyce Burns (Dedication to Teaching)
Mr Chandra Ohri, Glenfield Hospital (Outstanding Clinical Education Improvement Award)


Dr Nasir Siddique, District Hospital Outstanding Clinical Teacher
Professor Douglas Tincello, Leicester Outstanding Clinical Teacher
Dr Emily Taylor, General Practice Outstanding Clinical Teacher
Dr Chloe Spence, Trainee Outstanding Clinical Teacher




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