Clinical Teacher Masterclasses 2018-19

MasterclassLeicester Medical School is committed to supporting the training of Clinical Teachers at our partner Trusts and GP Academies to ensure that all those involved in the teaching of Leicester medical students are well resourced and equipped to maximise the effectiveness of their teaching.

Leicester Medical School offers a series of half-day Masterclasses at the University of Leicester open to Clinical Teachers in our partner Trusts and GP Academies. We will offer two different half-day Masterclasses on selected dates for convenience.

The subject areas offered are detailed below.

The Masterclasses will be facilitated by senior primary care educators at Leicester Medical School and we are keen to extend an invitation to secondary care colleagues in our partner trusts who are Phase 2 education/block leads to co-teach.

The 2018 Clinical Teacher Masterclass series ended on 31st October 2018. Many thanks to colleagues who participated.

Leicester Medical School will be offering further Clinical Teacher Masterclasses and Orientation workshops for new Clinical Teachers in the 2019/20 academic year.  When the dates are confirmed, booking information will be published here.

Descriptions of Masterclass Topics

Clinical Diagnostic Reasoning

This workshop considers how doctors learn to reason in the clinical environment and recommends practical approaches that clinical teachers can use to promote the development of strong diagnostic reasoning skills in their students.


Teaching medical ethics in a clinical setting is vital to the development of tomorrow’s doctors. It can be both challenging and rewarding. This workshop is designed to support clinical tutors in the task. The aim is to explain the early years teaching and the ethics curriculum. It will highlight the assessment of the students in written examination and in OSCE stations. In the workshop you will consider where the opportunities for teaching occur and rehearse teaching an ethical topic that relates to your own speciality.

Inter-Professional Education

Interprofessional Education (IPE) is now an integral aspect of any health and social care professional curriculum. This is learning where students from different professions, for example, medical and pharmacy students, bring their different perspectives into a joint learning session. This learning can be structured and organised (classroom or practice) in the curriculum timetable or be opportunistic when clinical teachers (tutors) in practice find they can bring together different students who are working alongside one another to learn together. IPE is also a large part of simulation-based learning. In this session you will learn more about local IPE organised within local curricula. You will reflect on the complexities of interprofessional learning helping you to create a conducive learning environment welcoming to all. We offer tips and explore theoretical aspects to help inform your teaching. In summary the session outlines the ‘Why’, ‘What’ and ‘How’ of IPE. Following this workshop you will be better informed to help with classroom and practice IPE sessions.


An introduction to the evidence and practice of mindfulness as applied to medicine. A practical workshop for members of the primary or secondary healthcare teams. The application of mindfulness to the teaching of medical students will also be explored.

Performance and Feedback

During this session we will be exploring general concepts and methods of assessing performance and feedback, as well as considering how we can improve the quality of feedback we give and gain a better understanding of the assessment process at Leicester Medical School.

Small Group Teaching

This masterclass session aims to integrate the theory and practice of small group teaching in an interactive format. The workshop is designed for current and future small group tutors and includes practical hints and tips as well as opportunities for experiential learning.

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