Academic Staff

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Name Location

Job Title

Ext Email
Anderson, Prof. Liz Room 2.01, GDC Professor of Interprofessional Learning
Barnes-Davies, Dr. Margaret Room 2.55, GDC Senior Lecturer 1572
Bice, Dr. Justin Room 2.54, GDC Lecturer 3095
Bird, Terese
Room 2.53, GDC Educational Designer
Carter-Lang, Charlotte Room G77, MSB Part-time Physio Lecturer 3305
Charlton, Prof. Roger Room 2.05, GDC Chair of Undergraduate Primary Care 6203
Christides, Dr. Tatiana

Room 2.61

Dormer, Dr. John Room 2.64, GDC Clinical Associate Professor in Medical Education 1505
Ennion, Dr. Steve Room 2.63, GDC Lecturer 5100
Griffiths, Mr Leyshon Room 2.36, GDC Senior Lecturer in Urological Surgery/Medical Education 3450
Hamilton, Dr. Mark Room 2.61, GDC Consultation Skills Trainer
Heney, Dr. David Room 2.35, GDC Director of Undergraduate Medical Education 2964
Holland, Prof. R Room 2.34, GDC Head of Medical School
Hsu, Dr. Ron Room 2.41, GDC
Hudman, Dr. Diane Room 2.09, GDC Senior Lecturer /Phase 1 SSM Coordinator 1545
Jacques, Dr. Steve Room 2.58, GDC Senior Lecturer/Head of Anatomy
Lazarus, Dr. Paul Room 2.28, GDC Senior Clinical Educator 6805
Malcherczyk, Steven J. Room 2.52, GDC Lecturer (Medical Ethics)

Modi, Dr. Chetna
HIEC 5796
Mongan, Dr. Laura Room 2.59, GDC Phase 1 Lead, Senior Lecturer 5192
Mulheran, Dr. Mike Room LG72, MSB Lecturer 5170
Nanayakkara, Sita Room 2.67, GDC Lecturer 3079
Norman, Dr. R Room 2.07, GDC Director of Medical Education Research and Development 3777
Oppenheimer, Mrs. Christina Room 2.26, GDC Student Support Coordinator 3094
Quinn, Dr. Lisa Room 2.65 Lecturer in Medical Education 6256
Stanley, Dr. Adrian
Room 2.38, GDC Phase 2 Co-ordinator
Tarrant, Dr. Carolyn 3217
West, Dr. Judith Room 2.37, GDC Senior Lecturer in Child Health/Medical Education 2976
West, Prof. Kevin Honorary Professor of Medical Education/
Consultant Histopathologist
Westacott, Dr. Rachel Room 2.62, GDC 6821


Administrative Management

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Job Title

Barker, Ms. Lynn Room 2.44, GDC

Curriculum Manager

Dunwell-Morgan, Ms.Annette Room 2.04, GDC Quality Manager 3667
Tipper, Chris Room 2.70, GDC Deputy Departmental Manager 1578


Clinical Education

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Job Title

Acheson, Jonny Room 2.50, GDC
Akkad, Andrea Room 2.50, GDC
Burns, Dr. Jane Room 2.56, GDC Clinical Educator 1561
Cook, Dr. Andrew Room 2.56, GDC Clinical Educator
Cutler, Lucy Room 2.43 GDC
Fananapazir, Mr Khazeh Room 2.46, GDC Clinical Anatomy Teacher and Prosector
Harrison, Dr. John Room 2.06, GDC Clinical Educator 3456
Hayward, Dr. Emma Room 2.06, GDC Clinical Educator 1561
Keerig, Dr. Maria Room 2.06, GDC Clinical Educator 6810
Sanders, Dr Chris Room 2.06, GDC
Ward, Dr. Andy Room 2.06, GDC Clinical Educator 1561
Clinical Teaching Fellows
Room 2.46, GDC

Professional Services Staff

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Job Title

Batka, Nasima Room 2.69, GDC
Berry, Jane School Office (GDC 0.28) Student Record Administrator
Court, Mr. Nick Room 2.53, GDC E-Learning Developer 3084
D'sa, Ms.Philomena Room 2.45, GDC Administrator 1561
Glover, Ms.Kerry Room 2.45, GDC Phase 2 Administrator
Glover, Ms. Sarah Room 2.45, GDC Phase 2 Administrator 2982
Goddard, Louise Room 2.33, GDC Administrator
Gohil, Jayanti Room 2.43, GDC Phase 1 Curriculum Administrator 6818
Ireland, Beverley School Office (GDC 0.29) Student Records Officer 2963
Jagatia, Harsha D. School Office (GDC 0.28a) Admissions Administrator 3015
Lawrence, Miss. Michelle Room 2.30, GDC Body Donation Programme Manager 3082
Maksimovic, Miss. Stephanie Room 2.69, GDC Assessment Administrator 1353
Osborne, Ms. Karen 107 Princess Road East Administrator for Simulation 3735
Panesar, Mrs. Gurdeep Room 2.57, GDC Resources & Space Manager
Patel, Pratibha Room 2.03 Patient and Career Unit Officer 3739

Phillips, Leanne
Room 2.24, GDC Pastoral Support Unit administrator 3336
Rassul, Mrs, Aysha Room 2.30 GDC GP Finance Assistant 3303
Smith, Ms.Nichola Room 2.45, GDC Student Administrator 2946
Smith, Sandie Room 2.32, GDC Senior Administrator and Secretary to Prof. Holland 3022
Tarte, Mrs. Frances Room 2.04, GDC Quality Administrator 3968
Taylor, Luke School Office (GDC 0.28) Student Support Administrator 3021
Thorne, Carrie School Office (GDC 0.28a) Admissions Administrator 2985
Tinney, Mr. Rearden Room LG66, MSB Technician 1479
Wheeler, Mr. Charles School Office (GDC 0.28)
File Administrator (Fitness to Practise) 5274
White, Mr. Ian Room LG66, MSB Technician (Dissecting Room) 1479
Wright, Miss. Hazel Room LG66, MSB Technician (Dissecting Room) 1479
Yates, Mr. Richard Room G81, MSB Building Safety Officer 3029

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