Professor Roger Dickinson

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Professor of Sociology, School of Media, Communication and Sociology

Director of Learning & Teaching, College of Social Science, Arts and Humanities

Room 2.10, 107-11 Princess Road East, Leicester, LE1 7LA,

Tel: +44 (0)116 252 3860/2580


Personal details

  • BA Sociology (North East London)
  • MA Mass Communications (University of Leicester)
  • PhD (University of Leicester)
  • Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


  • Undergraduate; M2010 Journalism Studies (Semester 2)
  • Postgraduate: supervision of taught postgraduate dissertations (campus-based and distance learning); distance learning tutor


Recent publications

Dickinson, R. (2013) Weber’s sociology of the press and journalism: continuities in contemporary sociologies of journalists. Max Weber Studies 13 (2) 197-215.

Dickinson, R. (2013) Food and the media: production, representation and consumption. In Murcott, A., Belasco, W., Jackson, P. (eds) The Handbook of Food Research. London: Bloomsbury, pp439-454.

Dickinson, R., Matthews, J. and Saltzis, K., (eds) (2013) New(s) media technologies and new(s) work: changing journalistic practices across Europe. Special issue of International Communication Gazette 75 (1).

Dickinson, R., Matthews, J. and Saltzis, K., (2013) Studying journalists in changing times: understanding news work as socially-situated practice. International Communication Gazette 75 (1): 3-18.

Gunter, B. and Dickinson, R. (eds) (2013) News media in the Arab world. A study of ten Arab and Muslim countries. London: Bloomsbury.

Gunter, B. and Dickinson, R. (2013) The Changing Nature of News in the Arab World. In B Gunter and R Dickinson (eds) News media in the Arab world. A study of ten Arab and Muslim countries. London: Bloomsbury, pp1-20.

Nussibeh, Z. and Dickinson, R. (2013) The Development of the Palestinian News Media. In B Gunter and R Dickinson (eds) News media in the Arab world. A study of ten Arab and Muslim countries. London: Bloomsbury, pp 65-82.

Dickinson, R. and Gunter, B. (2013) What is the Future for News in the Arab World? In B Gunter and R Dickinson (eds)News media in the Arab world. A study of ten Arab and Muslim countries. London: Bloomsbury. pp 173-188

Dickinson, R., Gunter, B., Matthews, J., Cole, J. (2013) The impact of amended controls on the advertising of infant formula in the UK: findings from a before and after study. International Journal of Health Promotion and Education, 51:1, 11-22.

Gunter, B., Dickinson, R., Matthews, J., Cole, J. (2012) Formula manufacturers’ web sites: are they really non-compliant advertisements? Health Education 113(1):18-27.

Dickinson, R. and Memon, B. (2012) Press clubs, the journalistic field and the practice of journalism in Pakistan. Journalism Studies, 13 (4) 616-632

Dickinson, R. (2010) Making up the news. Journalists, deviance and social control in news production. In Allan, S (ed) The Routledge Companion to News and Journalism. London: Routledge, pp 223-233.

Dickinson, R. and Bigi, H. (2009) The video journalist: freedom and constraint in a multi-skilled role. In Fioretti, N and Russ-Mohl, S (eds) Merging Media, Converging Newsrooms. Lugano, Switzerland: European Journalism Observatory/Università della Svizzera italiana.

Dickinson, R. and Bigi, H. (2009) The Swiss video journalist: issues of agency and autonomy in news production. Journalism 10 (4) 509-526.

Dickinson, R. (2008) Studying the sociology of journalists: the journalistic field and the news world. Sociology Compass 2 (5), 1383-1399, DOI: 10.1111/J.1751-9020.2008.00144.x.

Saltzis, K. and Dickinson, R. (2008) Inside the changing newsroom: journalists' responses to media convergence Aslib Proceedings, 60 (3) 216-228.

Dickinson, R. (2007) Accomplishing journalism. Towards a revived sociology of a media occupation. Cultural Sociology 1 (2) 189 - 208.


My most recent research has been on

  • Sociology of news and journalists
  • Journalists and the mechanisms of workplace regulation
  • Journalism as an occupational accomplishment
  • Use of social media by journalists

My earlier research was on the media and health. I have completed many projects using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to study processes of production, analyse media content, and explore the reception and interpretation of media messages about health, illness and related issues. This work has been funded by numerous organisations including:

  • UK Government Department of Health
  • Food Standards Agency
  • Health Education Council
  • Health Education Authority
  • Health and Safety Executive
  • UK Regional and District Health Authorities
  • Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food

Specific projects:

  • Process and outcome evaluations of health promotion campaigns which have used the mass media
  • A study of public health knowledge and beliefs and sources of health information
  • Developmental research on the design of health communications
  • Research on the health information needs of minority ethnic communities in the UK
  • A study of local media and the promotion of healthy lifestyles
  • A study of the production of broadcasting about health and illness
  • An analysis of infant formula advertising
  • Research on the role of television in food choice


I am currently first supervisor to three doctoral candidates who are conducting research on 
  • Journalism in Africa
  • A comparative study of journalism in three European countries
  • Media regulation in Zambia
I am joint/second supervisor to two candidates conducting research in 
  • Media use in migrant communities
  • Arab TV and the coverage of public protest

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