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BA Combined Honours Birmingham University
PhD Open University

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BA Combined Honours Birmingham University
PhD Open University

I started at Leicester in September 2013 having been Professor of Media at De Montfort University where I worked for six years. I was previously Lecturer in Sociology at the Universities of Manchester and Worcester, and Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies at the Universities of Birmingham and Wolverhampton.


I currently teach the undergraduate module ‘Media and the Body’ and the postgraduate module, ‘Gender Issues in Contemporary Media’.



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Journal articles

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Chapters in books

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My main research interests are in media, culture and society, particularly as these are framed around the formations of gender, class and the television audience. My first book, Talking With Television: Women, Talk Shows and Modern Self-Reflexivity (2009) University of Illinois Press, was concerned with women’s interactions with television where I developed the ‘text-in-action’ methodology to capture TV viewing as a dynamic communicative relationship. I therefore also have a broad interest in issues related to broadcast talk and discourse analysis.
I completed an ESRC funded project with Professor Bev Skeggs on the class politics of reality television, reception and the workings of affect. This culminated in the books Reacting to Reality Television: Performance, Audience and Value (2012) Routledge, and the edited collection Reality Television and Class (2011) BFI: Palgrave.
I have recently completed an AHRC funded project with Dr Rachel Moseley and Dr Helen Wheatley on ‘The History of Television for Women 1947-1989’.  Some of the ongoing findings can be found in the journals Screen, Media History and Critical Studies in Television.
Having an undergraduate degree from Birmingham, I am committed to Cultural Studies and I am assistant editor of the European Journal of Cultural Studies and also co–edited the CCCS Occasional Papers for Routledge in 2007.  I am currently writing a book about media audiences and write occasional blogs for Critical Studies in Television.


I am interested in supervising research students on any aspect of media discourse, television, broadcasting history, audiences or media ethnography, especially in relation to the social formations of gender and/or class.

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