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I study the social, political, economic, and technological bases of media production and consumption in the Anglophone world, engaging closely with the sociology of culture and the history of the book. This research programme grew out of an initially theoretical interest in the interpretation of fiction by readers and moviegoers, which I investigated using 'naturally occurring' data collected from archives, through observation, and online. With a strong background in linguistics, I have a particular interest in the role of language - and especially, of particular languages and language varieties - in the media, as well as in the interactions between linguistic and other sign systems in media production.

My research topics have ranged from the production of computer software and the distribution of recorded music to the ways in which readers orientate to the special status of 'serious' literature, both historically and in the present day; I am currently working on a history of 20th century British publishing and investigating contemporary convergences between the far left and far right of the British political spectrum on social media. I use a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, from conversation analysis and participant observation to data scraping and social network analysis, and I have supervised or co-supervised a total of three PhD students to successful completion.




  • Allington, D., Jordanous, A., and Dueck, B. (2015) Music, value, and social networks in the digital world. Valuing Electronic Music. 3873 words.
  • Allington, D., Jordanous, A., and Dueck, B. (2014) Online networks and the production of value in electronic music. Swindon: Arts and Humanities Research Council. 28764 words.
  • Swann, J. and Allington, D. (2010). Evaluation of Find Your Talent / Liverpool Reads school reading groups. Liverpool: The Reader Organisation. 11049 words.

Peer-reviewed articles

Book chapters

  • Allington, D. (2014) 'Kiran Desai's The inheritance of loss and the troubled symbolic production of a Man Booker prizewinner'. In: Dwivedi, O.P. and Lau, L. (eds.) Indian Writing in English and the global literary marketplace. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 119-139.
  • Allington, D. (2012b) 'Theorising postcolonial reception: writing, reading, and moral agency in the Satanic Verses affair'. In: Benwell, B., Proctor, J., Robinson, G. (eds.) Postcolonial audiences: readers, viewers, and reception. London: Routledge. pp. 199-210.
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  • Allington, D. and Benwell, B. (2012). 'Reading the reading experience: an ethnomethodological approach to "booktalk"'. In: Lang, A. (ed.) From codex to hypertext: reading at the turn of the twenty-first century. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press. pp. 217-233.
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  • Allington, D. and Swann, J. (2011) 'The mediation of reading: a critical approach to individual and group reading practices'. In: Crone, R. and Towheed, S. (eds.) The history of reading, vol. 3: methods, strategies, tactics. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 80-96.
  • Allington, D. (2010) 'On the use of anecdotal evidence in reception study and the history of reading'. In: Gunzenhauser, B. (ed.). Reading in history: new methodologies from the Anglo-American Tradition. London: Pickering & Chatto, pp. 11-28.

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Online Networks and the Production of Value in Electronic Music, AHRC, completed July 2014

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