Dr Athina Karatzogianni

Associate Professor Media and Communication







Tel: +44 (0)116 2297290

Email: athina.k@gmail.com or athina.k@le.ac.uk

Personal details

  • PhD (Politics) University of Nottingham, 2005
  • MA (International Conflict Analysis) Kent University, London Centre of International Relations, 2000
  • BA (Hons) International Relations with Politics, Lancaster University, 1999
  • Professional Development Certificate (General Management Skills) University of Hull, 2011
  • PG Diploma (Information Technology) University of Nottingham, 2008
  • Diploma in Journalism, Antenna College of Journalism, Athens, Greece, 1996

After brief stints as a journalist in Athens in 1995-6 and teaching International Relations in Nottingham as a PhD student between 2001-5, my first post was in 2006 in Paris at the American University (AUP) as an Assistant Professor in Global Communications. Love for the UK research environment brought me back to Hull in 2007 as a Lecturer in Media, Culture and Society in Humanities. In 2011, I became a Senior Lecturer, and in 2013, I transferred to Social Sciences, restructured and directed media programmes in the school. In July 2014, I took a post as a Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication at the University of Leicester (university central change to Associate Professor).




 Co-Investigator ESRC The Common Good: Ethics and Rights in Cyber Security (ERCS). 2014-2016. Grant Ref: ES/L013177/1.

Principal Investigator. FP7 EU Research grant on Transnational Digital Networks, Migration and Gender (MIG@NET). 2010-2013 http://www.mignetproject.eu

Co-Investigator (2008-9) European Commission funded SimSafety Project researching into intercultural attitudes to Internet Safety, supported by Education and Culture DG, Lifelong Learning Programme.


Research journey

Since 2000, I have focused on the intersections between new media theory, resistance networks and global politics, for the study of cyberconflict and the use of digital technologies by social movements, protest, and insurgency groups. My research revolves around different aspects of cyberconflict theory, which I developed and applied to non-state actors and their use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs). I am passionate about researching what is a period of intense encounters of the cyber with the global political arena:

  • The proliferation of sociopolitical activist networks, as well as ethnoreligious, insurgent and terrorist networks
  • Social media-enabled political protests and mobilisations leading to social or political change
  • Increased resistance to surveillance and censorship of global communications, including leaks from government employees and new media organisations, uncovering significant tensions in the use of ICTs both by states and corporations


  • Media movements and radical politics
  • Civic media activism, social movements and ICTs
  • Online activist communities
  • Privacy, surveillance, and conflict in the digital public sphere
  • Comparative media analysis of conflict and war
  • Political philosophy, critical and cultural continental theory


Books (Monographs, Co-authored)

(2018) Platform Economics: Rhetoric and Reality the "Sharing Economy", co-authored with Cristiano Codagnone and Jacob Matthews, Bingley, UK: Emerald.

(2015) Firebrand Waves of Digital Activism 1994-2014: The Rise and Spread of Hacktivism and Cyberconflict, Palgrave MacMillan. ISBN 978-0-230-24246-3 http://www.palgrave.com/page/detail/Firebrand-Waves-of-Digital-Activism-19942014/?K=9781137446008

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(2006) The Politics of Cyberconflict, Routledge Research on Internet and Society, Routledge: London and New York. In Print. 242 pages. Also released as paperback 2008. ISBN-10:0415396840.

Books (Edited volumes)

(eds) (2016) The Digital Transformation of the Public Sphere: Conflict, Migration, Crisis and Culture in Digital Networks, co-edited with Dennis Nguyen and Elisa Serafinelli, Palgrave Macmillan. 433 pages. ISBN 978-1-137-50456-2

(eds) (2012) Digital Cultures and the Politics of Emotion: Feelings, Affect and Technological Change, co-edited with Adi Kuntsman, Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan. In Print. 272 pages. ISBN-9780230296589.

(ed.) (2012) Violence and War in Culture and the Media: Five Disciplinary Lenses, Routledge Media, War and Security Series, London and New York: Routledge. In Print. 280 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0415665230.

(ed.) (2009) Cyber Conflict and Global Politics, edited, Routledge Contemporary Security Studies, London and New York: Routledge. In Print. 246 pages. ISBN-10: 0415459702.

Articles in refereed journals

(forthcoming 2018) ‘Platform Ideologies: Ideological production in digital intermediation platforms and structural effectivity in the “sharing economy”  (currently finalised for Journal Television and New Media).

(2017) 'Schizorevolutions vs. Microfascisms: The Fear of Anarchy in State Securitization' co-authored with Andrew Robinson,, Journal of International Political Theory, 13(3), pp. 282 - 295. Online available at: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1755088217718570

(2017) 'Evil Intermediation Platforms', short article co-authored with Jacob Matthews, special issue Evil Infrastructures, edited by Christopher Kelty, Cultural Anthropology, April 2017. https://culanth.org/fieldsights/1110-evil-intermediation-platforms

(2017)  'A Comparative Cyberconflict Analysis of Digital Activism Across Post-Soviet Countries', co-authored with Galina Miazhevich and Anastasia Denisova, Journal of Comparative Sociology, 16:1, pp. 1-25. Brill. DOI: 10.1163/15691330-12341415.

(2015) 'Hack or Be Hacked: The Quasi-Totalitarianism of Global Trusted Networks', co-authored with Martin Gak, New Formations: A Journal of Culture, Theory, Politics, No.84/85 Societies of Control, DOI: 10.398/NEWF:84/85.06.2015. Online available at: http://www.lwbooks.co.uk/journals/newformations/issue/nf8485.html

(2015) ‘The Social Media Political Subject is an Infant’, Social Media + Society Volume: 1 issue: 1, article first published online: May 11, 2015; Issue published: April 29, 2015 DOI: https://doi.org/10.1177/2056305115580480 http://sms.sagepub.com/content/1/1/2056305115580480.full

(2014) ‘Digital Prometheus: WikiLeaks, the State-Network Dichotomy and the Antinomies of Academic Reason’ co-authored with Andrew Robinson, International Journal of Communication, 8, Feature 1-20. 1932–8036/2014FEA0002. Online available at: http://ijoc.org/index.php/ijoc/issue/view/10#more4

(2010) ‘Blame it on the Russians: Tracking the Portrayal of Russians During Cyber Conflict Incidents’, Digital Icons: Studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European New Media, 4, pp. 127-150. ISSN 2040-462X. Online available at: http://www.digitalicons.org/issue04/athina-karatzogianni/

(2009) 'Cyberconflict at the Edge of Chaos: Cryptohierarchies and Self-organization in the Open Source Movement' co-authored with G. Michaelides, in P Moore and A. Karatzogianni, (eds) Parallel Visions of P2P production: Governance, Organization and the New Economies, Special issue, Capital and Class, 97, pp.143-159. ISSN 03098168.

(2004) ‘The Politics of Cyberconflict, Journal of Politics, 24:1, pp.46-55.

Chapters in books

(2018) ‘Leaktivism and its Discontents’ in Graham Meikle (ed.) The Routledge Companion to Media and Activism, London: Routledge. pp. 250-258.

(2018) '#NODAPL: Distributed Rhetorical Praxis at Standing Rock' co-authored with Michael Schandorf, in Jonathan Alexander and Jacqueline Rhodes (eds) Routledge Companion to Digital Writing & Rhetoric, London and New York: Routledge. p.142-152.

(2018) 'A Tale of Cyberconflict in Greece: Polarization and Mobilization for the Greek Referendum on Twitter', co-authored with Ioanna Ferra.  in Theoni Stathopoulou (ed.) Transformations of Protest in Greece, Athens: Papazisis Publishers & EKKE. [in English].

(2018) 'Agency in Posthuman International Relations: Solving the Problem of Computer-Mediated Agency',  co-authored with Michael Schandorf. In E. Cudworth, S. Hobden and E. Kavalski (eds) Posthuman Dialogues in International Relations, London: Ashgate. pp.89-108.

(2016) ‘Intercultural Conflict and Dialogue in the Transnational Digital Public Sphere: Findings from the MIG@NET Research Project (2010-2013), co-authored with O. Morgunova, N. Kambouri, O. Lafazani, N. Trimikliniotis. G. Ioannou and D. Nguyen in A. Karatzogianni, D. Nguyen and E. Serafinelli (eds) The Digital Transformation of the Public Sphere: Conflict, Migration, Crisis and Culture in Digital Networks, Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 235- 258.

(2016) ‘Introduction: The Digital Transformation of the Public Sphere’ in A. Karatzogianni, D. Nguyen and E. Serafinelli (eds) The Digital Transformation of the Public Sphere: Conflict, Migration, Crisis and Culture in Digital Networks, in Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 1-8.

(2016) ‘Surfing the Revolutionary Wave 2010-12: A Social Theory of Agency, Resistance, and Orders of Dissent in Contemporary Social Movements’ co-authored with M. Schandorf in A. Ornella (ed.) Making Humans: Religious, Technological and Aesthetic Perspectives, Inter-Disciplinary Press. pp. 43-73. ISBN 978-1-84888-425-0

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(2009) ‘Confronting internal and external problems of cross- inter- and multi-disciplinarity: Researching cyber conflict and global politics’ in Karanika, M and Wiesemans, R (eds) Exploring Avenues to Cross-Disciplinary Research, Nottingham University Press, pp. 179-191.

Published reports and other work

(2015). ‘Review: Two sides of the barricade: (Dis)order and summit protest in Europe’, Acta Politica (Vol. 50, Iss. 2, pp. 249-251). Palgrave Macmillan. doi:10.1057/ap.2015.4

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(2011) Cyberconflict and Hacktivism in a Contemporary Context’, Digital Development Debates, Issue 5, September 2011.Online Available at: http://www.digital-development-debates.org/issue-05-securing-peace--future-wars--cyberconflict-and-hacktivism-in-a-contemporary-context.html

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(2004) ‘The Impact of the Internet during the Iraq war on the peace movement, war coverage and war-related cyberattacks’, Cultural Technology and Policy Journal, inaugural issue, 2004.Also serialized by the author in Greek in for the high-circulation weekly political magazine Politika Themata, Athens, December 2005.

Doctoral Supervision

As first supervisor/main adviser:

  •  Alshareef, Mai: 'Anonymity on Twitter in Saudi Arabia'
  •  Macmillan, Callum: 'Posthumanism and the Sci-Fi Genre: Films, Games and the Fandom Communities'
  • Salvadori, Lidia: 'Ideology and Framing Alignment in Italian- Speaking Transnational Digital Feminist Networks'
  • Mangalousi, Dafni: 'The Construction of Smart Cities and Communities in Europe'
Completed students:
  • Ferra, Ioanna: ‘Social Media Activism and the Greek Crisis’, PhD awarded.
  • Dey, Adrija: 'Digital Gender Activism in India'. PhD awarded
  • Olabode, Shola: ‘ICTs and Protest Mobilizations in Nigeria. PhD awarded
  • Serafinelli, Elisa: ‘Identity, Memory and New Mobile Visualities on Instagram’. PhD awarded
  • Nguyen, Dennis: ‘The European Digital Public Sphere: Towards a Transnational Web Sphere or Isolated Online Spaces?’  PhD Awarded
  • Kalogeras, Voula: ‘Transmedia Storytelling: Internet Content and Cultural Media Marketing’. PhD Awarded
  • Nik Rahman: ‘E-Health Services and Propinquity in Malaysia’. PhD Awarded

As second supervisor: Ayman Banjaid; Shuhan Chen (PhD Awarded); Current: Wei Cui.

Media Engagement

  1. (20 August 2018) Interview about Donald Trump and his criticisims of social media censorship’.  Radio Sputnik World Service.
  2. (20 April 2018) ‘Pentagon’s New Health App a Disaster Waiting to Happen, Expert Warns’, https://sputniknews.com/analysis/201804201063738077-pentagon-health-app-disaster/ Radio Sputnik World Service.
  3. (5 April 2018) BBC World News TV interview on the Facebook Cambridge Analytica affair and its political effects in Southeast Asia. More available here: https://www2.le.ac.uk/news/blog/2018-archive/april/facebook-scandal-and-its-effects-in-southeast-asia
  4. (7 February 2018) Hate Speech in Greece, interview to Konstantina Dimitrouli, National Greek Radio (ERT), as part of the European Commission programme #RespectWords
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  6. (28 September 2017) ‘US Vetting System Will Have Considerable Impact on Privacy’. Radio Sputnik World Service, Moscow. Online available at: https://soundcloud.com/radiosputnik/us-vetting-system-will-have-a-considerable-impact-on-privacy-athina-karatzogianni
  7. (16 June 2017) Panel Discussant on TRT World flagship current affairs television programme Roundtable hosted by David Foster. This was a 20-minute discussion exploring how technology is exposing democracy’s vulnerabilities, particularly in hacking attempts to influence election with Nigel Inkster, former director of operations and intelligence for the British Secret Intelligence Service, Rick Falkvinge, founder of the Swedish Pirate Party and Mustafa Al-Bassam, formerly of LulzSec, Anonymous. Video of TV appearance is online available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRdgEFh8164&list=PLUW304lJeu3Wq792ZuY62Cq7gWzbygo5F
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Research Activity (key events)

  1. (29 September 2018) ‘Leaktivism: Enhancing or disrupting "Democracy?’ at the  #AMIRetreat2018 Media, Polis, Agora: Journalism & Communication in the Digital Era, Thessaloniki, Advanced Media Institute, Greece.
  2. (18 July 2018) ‘Platform Activists: Competing or Reiterating Dominant Socia;, Cultural Forms and Material Relations of Production?’, Session 648 Neoliberalism, Alienation, Alternative Facts and Fake News at the ‘Power, Violence and Justice’, XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology Toronto, Canada.
  3. (26-27 June) Main Conference Organiser ‘Megacities and Development: Megamachines of Hope and Alienation’, HEFCE GCRF, and conference presentation: ‘Religion is a Red Herring: 25 Terrorist Attacks on Twitter’ with Ioanna Ferra (University of Leeds), All Saints, Cairo, Egypt.
  4. (4 June 2018) Invited Speaker ‘Platform owner versus Algorithm: Distortions of Communicative Capital as Possibilities for Activism’, Workshop ‘Maths for social activism’, Ångströmlaboratoriet - Uppsala Universitet, Sweden.
  5. (28-31 May 2018) Invited participant ‘Data Sharing for Law Enforcement’, Lorentz Center, University of Leiden, Holland.
  6. (23 May 2018) Plenary Speaker ‘Leakvism and its Discontents:  #FacebookDataLeaks, #DCLeaks, #DNCLeaks, #CIALeaks’, seminar in collaboration with Gabriella Coleman, Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy, McGill University, at pré-conference “Collab”, Université de Lorraine, Metz, France.
  7. (23 March 2018-3 July 2018) Co-organiser of “Platform swindles, Platform struggles -  Arnaques et luttes sur les plateformes web”, five mini-conferences in Paris and Metz, France. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/platform-swindles-platform-struggles-seminar-series-march-july-2018-tickets-43653970200
  8. (11 May 2018) Keynote Speaker at the DigitalCapitalism2018: The Digital Economy: Ubercapitalism or Post-Capitalism? King's College London, London, UK.
  9. (12 February 2018) Invited speaker ‘Platforms and Ideological Production: False Consciousness and Structural Effectivity in the Sharing Economy’, Dublin City University, Ireland.

11. (24 November 2017) Invited Speaker, ‘Platform Activists: Reiterating or Competing Relations of Production?’, Paris Diderot University, France.

12. (13 November 2017) Main Conference Organiser ‘Connecting to the Masses: 100 Years from the Russian Revolution’, Institute of International Social History and University of Amsterdam, Holland. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/connecting-to-the-masses-100-years-from-the-russian-revolution-tickets-33112092159#

13. (3 October 2017) Invited Speaker, 'Alternative Economic Models and Digital Labour Resistance', MedShare, Mediterranean Network for Sharing and the Collaborative Economy, Valencia, Spain. http://opendoors-network.eu/valencias-open-doors-event/programme/

14. (28 August 2017) Invited Speaker by the Sri Lankan Army, 'Cyber Intelligence and Strategic Responses to Violent Extremism', Colombo Defense Seminar, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

15. (3 July 2017) Keynote Speaker at the ‘Post-Graduate Conference Digital Communities: interdisciplinary perspective’, talk title: ‘The Problem of Trading Discursive for Affective Power in Digital Political Communities’, Cardiff University, Wales, UK.

16. (16 June 2017) Invited Speaker at the Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust Summer Seminar, The View Hotel Eastbourne, UK.

17. (28 April 2017) Plenary Speaker ‘Public Spheres of Resonance: Constellations of Affect and Language’, 2nd International Conference SFB 1171 Affective Societies – Dynamics of Social Coexistence in Mobile Worlds at Freie Universität Berlin Germany. Title of talk: ‘Trading Discursive for Affective Power at the Digital Square’.

18. (5 April 2017) ‘The Digital vs. Analogue False Binary: Cyberconflict Durations in Activist Rhetoric’ Invited panel speaker with Michael Schandorf (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for the Panel: ‘Rethinking the Digital and the Analogue: Epistemologies of the Anthropocene’ at the American Geographers Association Annual meeting, Boston, United States.

19. (29 March 2017) Invited speaker at ‘Fake News and Algorithmic Curation on Social Media’ at the RightsCon Conference, Brussels, Belgium, sponsored by www.accessnow.org Online at: https://www.rightscon.org/program/

20. (13 March 2017) Main Conference Organiser for the Jungle Factory Symposium, funded by the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities and held at the Attenborough Arts Centre, University of Leicester, UK. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/jungle-factory-symposium-2017-tickets-28947053416#

21. (26 January 2017) Invited speaker at Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) 2017: “The Age of the Intelligent Machines” at the Panel of the CANVAS Consortium; represented by Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Serge Gutwirth). CANVAS (Constructing an Alliance for Value-driven Cybersecurity), a Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action funded by the European Commission and the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation. Brussels, Belgium. Online video of this talk can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiqDFskFqWs

22. (12 January 2017) Inaugural Lecture for the opening of the Civic Media Activism Lab as Visiting Professor at the University of Paris, France.

23. (10-13 January 2017) Invited Speaker Guest Lectures (6) at the University of Paris VIII Vincennes in Saint-Denis, France.

24. (6 December 2016) Main Conference Organiser of the ‘International Colloquium Political Economy of Platformisation’, funded by University of Hull and the University of Leicester, UK https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-political-economy-of-platformisation-tickets-28260509946#

25. (26 October 2016) Invited Speaker ‘A Comparative Cyberconflict Analysis of Digital Activism in Belarus, Estonia, Ukraine and Russia’, co-authored with Galina Miazhevich & Anastasia Denisova at ‘Materiality, Publicness and Digital Media’ Conference, University of Amsterdam, Holland.

26. (21 October 2016) Invited Speaker at the final ERSC conference ‘Ethics and Rights in Cybersecurity’ WISE, University of Hull, UK.

27. (13 October 2016) Keynote Speaker at the ‘Freedom and Control of Expression in the Digital Aftermath of the 2015 Paris Attacks’, IAST, Toulouse, France.

28. (16 September 2016) Invited speaker. ‘Blockchain Activism: A Unicorn or a Reality?’ CRS in the Age of Digitization, 7th International Conference on Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany.

29. (2 September 2016) ‘In the name of the collaborative economy: Digital intermediation platforms as a new material and ideological vanguard for capitalist expansion?’ with Jacob Matthews (Paris 8) and David Pucheau (Université Bordeaux 3) at the panel Infrastructures of Evil: Participation, Collaboration, Maintenance at the EASST Conference, Barcelona, Spain.

30. (26 July 2016) Main Organiser IAMCR Preconference Surveillance and Security in the Age of Algorithmic Communication at the University of Leicester, UK. CFP: http://iamcr.org/leicester2016/algorithmic-surveillance

31. (28 June 2016) Invited Speaker, International Society for Third Sector Research conference. Stockholm, Sweden. http://www.istr.org/?StockholmConference

32. (20 June 2016) Plenary Speaker on the Workshop ‘Sharing economy/digital alternative cultural economies’ at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Spain.

33. (20 May 2016) Invited and funded participant United Nations, ID2020 summit, (http://www.id2020summit.org/) New York, United States.

34. (22 April 2016) Invited speaker on crowdfunding for political purposes at a workshop on crowdfunding for political purposes, Paris 8, France.

35. (20 April 2016) Invited speaker on Firebrand Waves book as Visiting Professor at the American University of Paris (AUP), France.

36. (3-4 November 2015) Plenary Speaker. 'Willy-nilly Human: Technosocial Agency and Orders of Dissent in Network Activism', Paris, Maison Suger, II Congresso Internacional de Net-Ativismo é organizado pelo Centro de Pesquisa Atopos , vinculado à Escola de Comunicações e Artes da Universidade de São Paulo (ECA-USP). Paris, France http://www.netactivism.net/?page_id=12369

37. (21 October 2015) Invited Speaker Talk on Digital Activism for union leaders and journalists, Lisbon, IPPS-IUL e o ISCTE-IUL Conferência Internacional - A sul do Euro: Novos Contextos Sociais e Económico. Lisbon, Portugal. http://ipps.iscte-iul.pt/index.php/pt/component/content/article?id=412

38. (25-28 August 2015) Plenary Speaker for Joint Lunchtime Hour seminar for The Critical Political Economy Research Network (CPERN) and the Communication Research Network at the 12th Biannual European Sociological Association, Prague, Czech Republic.

39. (15 July 2015) Invited Featured Speaker, The Global Centre for Advanced Studies (GCAS) Greece, Spain and the Reinvigoration of the Left, Athens, Greece.

40. (18-19 June 2015) Invited Speaker, ‘Ethics and Rights in Cyber security: New sociopolitical formations and their influence’, in Surveillance and Citizenship State-Media-Citizen Relations After the Snowden Leaks, Cardiff University, Wales, UK.

41. (5 June 2015) Plenary Speaker, ‘Datafication as Resistance? Don’t Throw the Data-Baby Out with the Bathwater!’ in Critical Approaches to Big Data, South Bank University, UK. http://rethinkingtheanthropocene.blogspot.co.uk/p/big-data.html

42. (13 May 2015) Invited speaker Staff Research Seminar Series 'Firebrand Waves of Digital Activism, 19994-2014', University of Brighton, UK.

43. (23-26 April 2015) Invited Panel Chair, Organiser and Speaker, ‘Deleuze Digitale’ for the 'Deleuze and Guattari Refrains of Freedom’ conference, Panteion, Athens, Greece.

44. (22-23 January 2015) Invited Speaker 'The European Union: a Cybersecurity Actor? (Trans)national agencies, discourses and practices' French Ministry of Defence Research Institute (IRSEM) and the Manchester Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (MJMCE), UK.

45. (13-15 November 2014) Panel Organiser 'Material Matters in Times of Crisis Capitalism' Institute of Sociology, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany.

46. (23-26 October 2014) Invited Speaker 'Totalitarianism, Democracy and Liberty Conference', Liberty Fund, organised by Noel K. O'Sullivan and Dorota I. Pietrzyk-Reeves, Hotel Pod Roza, Krakow, Poland.

47. (26-27 June 2014) Invited Speaker ‘Archos, Anarchy, and the Digital: Emerging Political Formations and the Struggle against State and Tech Elites’, The ‘Virtues of Anarchy’ Reconsidered, Workshop hosted by the Centre for Advanced International Studies, University of Exeter, UK.

48. (8-10 July 2013) Invited Speaker ‘Schizorevolutions vs. Microfascisms: A Deleuzo-Nietzschean Perspective on State, Security, and Active/Reactive Networks’, panel Deleuze and Security at Deleuze Studies 2013 Conference, Lisbon, Portugal.

49. (24 April 2013) Invited Speaker ‘Cyberkonflikten-arabiska-varen’ at the International Science Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden (Vetenskapsfestivalen), panel on "Technology, Surveillance and Revolution". The talk was televised see video link here: http://www.ur.se/Produkter/176859-UR-Samtiden-Overvakning-och-kontroll-Cyberkonflikten-arabiska-varen

50. (15-18 April 2013) Visiting Professor for the International Conference ‘Comunicação eControle’ at the University of São Paulo talk ‘Networks without Effects’ Plenary talk and participation on panel  ‘Power Games: Control and Public Opinion’, São Paulo, Brazil.

51. (11-12 April 2013) Conference chair and invited speaker MIG@NET results at Intersectional Conflict and Dialogue in Transnational Migrant and Digital Diaspora Networks, held at the Wilberforce Institute of Slavery and Emancipation WISE, Hull, UK. Site: http://virt3c.wordpress.com/

52. (10-12 March 2013) Invited speaker NATO - High-level meeting of senior academics and think-tankers at NATO headquarters in Brussels. The event included briefings from the Deputy Secretary General and other senior NATO staff on matters such as smart defence, public diplomacy, and emerging security challenges focusing on the Mediterranean region, Brussels.

53. (24-26 January 2013) Invited Speaker ‘A Comparative Application of Cyberconflict theory on the MIGNET Interacutural Conflict Research in Cyprus, Greece, and the United Kingdom’, International Conference MIG@NET ‘Transnational Digital Networks, Migration and Gender’, EU FP7 Project Panteion University, Athens, Greece.

54. (23 November 2012) Organiser and Speaker at the European Public Policy Meeting, Nicosia with Don Flynn, Director of the Migrant Rights Network in London, event held in Nicosia, Cyprus.

55. (3 July 2012) Invited Panel Speaker: ‘Digital Prometheus: WikiLeaks, the State-Network Dichotomy and the Antinomies of Academic Reason’ Crossroads (Paris, Sorbonne/UNESCO), France.

56. (28-30 June 2012) Panel Chair and Invited Speaker: ‘Intercultural Conflict and Dialogue in Digital Migrant Networks’ MIGNET Panel at Digital Crossroads Conference at Utrecht University, Holland.

57. (October 2011-2012) Visiting Professor Department of Communications, University of Illinois at Chicago. Various invited speaker talks and research seminars. United States.

58. (4 June 2010): Plenary Speaker ‘Para-social interactions and semi-fictional subjects in ultra-violent virtual environments’ at ‘Affective fabrics of digital cultures: feelings, technologies, politics’, Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures, University of Manchester, UK.

59. (27 March 2010): Invited Speaker: ‘Wikipedia's Impact on the Global Power-Knowledge Hierarchies’, invited by Geert Lovink to present as a plenary speaker ‘Wikipedia CPOV: Critical Point of View', Institute for Network Cultures, Amsterdam, Holland.

60. (29 April 2009): Invited Speaker: ‘What’s the Next War and Who Will Cover It?’ Staff Research Seminar, Department of Media and Communication, University of Leicester, UK.

61. (3 April 2009): Plenary Speaker: ‘The Body and Technology in the War Machine’, Touching War Conference, Lancaster University, UK.

62. (29 March 2009): Invited Speaker ‘Confronting the difficulties of learning from the open source for contemporary social movements’, 4th Oekonux Conference, Manchester University, UK. Link: http://www.oekonux-conference.org/program/events/32.en.html

63. (5 February 2009): Plenary Speaker Ministry of Foreign Affairs Greece ‘Small Countries, Big Opportunities: Challenges and Solutions for Greece in Cyberspace’, to Images of Nations: Strategic Communication, Soft Power and the Media, Athens, Greek Politics Specialist Group, LSE, www.gpsg.org.uk/athens Athens, Greece.



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