Gwen Bouvier

Gwen Bouvier has taught in universities in Britain since 2001, having most recently held a full time position at South Wales University for four years, where she also managed the Media in Small Nations project, until taking time out for maternity in 2013.  She has taught courses across journalism, international media, national identity, and representation theory.  The core of her research and publications focus on visual representations of conflict and she has also produced highly cited work on social media. Her most recent publications include: 'How Facebook users select identity categories for self-presentation', published in Multicultural Discourse, (2012) and British press photographs and the misrepresentation of the 2011 ‘uprising in Libya in Visual Communication’ (2014).  She is currently carrying out further research into the visual representations of conflicts.  She is on the advisory board of a number of international peer reviewed journals, such as Media Conflict and Society and is editorial assistant at the peer reviewed journal Social Semiotics.

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