Gareth Longstaff

Gareth Longstaff has a BA (Hons) in History of Art and Film Studies from Newcastle University and an MA in cultural studies and critical theory from Goldsmiths College, University of London. He is currently a lecturer in media and cultural studies in Newcastle University’s School of Arts and Cultures. His teaching and research interests are primarily concerned with sexuality, celebrity, television, online communication, identity/identifications, media representations, psychoanalysis and visual culture. Gareth is in the writing up stage of his doctoral thesis which closely engages with critical theory to examine the impersonality of desire and the mediated screening of the male (homo)sexual subject in contemporary online, pornographic and photographic representation.

He currently teaches a range of undergraduate modules which include Introduction to Media Studies, Introduction to Social and Cultural Studies, Understanding through media, Themes and Issues in Media, Culture and Communication, Psychoanalysis and Emotion, Celebrity Culture and Dissertation Supervision. Postgraduate Teaching includes Methodologies, Media Analysis and Dissertation Supervision.

He currently has an article ‘From Reality to Fantasy: Gay celebrity, pornography, and representation’ due for publication in late 2012 in The Journal of Celebrity Studies: Sex and the Celebrity (Routledge). Gareth is also guest editor for a special edition of ‘Networking Knowledge’ the MeCCSA Post-graduate journal due to publication in February 2013. This is an edition addressing themes of '(Im)personal desires: Pornography, Sexuality and Social Networks of Desire'. He is also working on two book chapters for edited collections and an article for The Journal for Gender Studies examining gay masculinity and authenticating discourses of the self in British pornography. He has recently published reviews in Participations: The online Journal of Audience & Reception Studies and The Journal of Media, Culture and Society, as well as the publication of five key headword entries in The Encyclopedia of Gender and Society (SAGE): These are academic entries intended for an international audience on Camp, Cross-dressing, Diaries, Feminist Magazines, and Primetime Drama (2009) Gareth has also taught, assessed and sat on exam boards at Ravensbourne, the University of Lancaster, Northumbria University and the University of Cumbria.

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