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Anna ClaydonCollege of Social Science, Arts and Humanities Director of PGT Programmes

Lecturer in Media and Communication


Office: 0.06, Astley Clarke Building, University of Leicester, Leicester, LE1 7RH

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Email : eac14@le.ac.uk

Personal details


  • PhD. Film Studies, University of Kent, 2003 (Thesis: Masculinity in Sixties British Cinema)
  • M.A. Criticism and Theory, University of Exeter, 1998 (Dissertation: From Eutopia, to Utopia to Dystopia - The Fortunes of Socialism in Twentieth Century Speculative Fabulation)
  • B.A. English and American and Commonwealth Arts, University of Exeter, 1996 (dissertation topic: Science Fiction Cyborgs in Film and Television)


  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, 2014
  • PGCert Higher Education Teaching and Learning Support, University of Lancaster, 2003
  • PGCert Research Supervision, University of Lancaster, 2005
  • ILM Level 2 Team Leading Award, Institute of Leadership and Management, 2010
  • ILM Level 3 First Line Management Award, Institute of Leadership and Management, 2012

I am currently Director of PGT Programmes for the College of Social Science, Arts and Humanities. This means that I look after the PGT (MAs/MScs/PGDips and PGCEs) representatives, marketing and recruitment and policy and strategy for over half of all the PGT students taught by the University of Leicester. I am also leading the University review of PGT curriculum, delivery and strategy during 2015-16 along with a team of colleagues from across the institution.

I am furthermore heavily involved in BAFTSS, the British Association for Film, Television and Screen Studies. I am currently Co-chair of the Conference Committee and Treasurer. The conference is held at a different university each year. In 2016, were at the University of Reading. Please see our website for the Call for Papers.

Finally, my musical activities as an academic are interconnected with my work as a music practitioner as a member of CoMA and I run the East Midlands regional group. At the heart of CoMA are inclusive principles of musical participation and knowledge building that are central to my teaching and research.


I currently teach Film Studies on the BSc in Communications, Media and Society (as College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities Director of PG Taught Programmes. I am 'resting' my module film leading, but contributing to other modules such as Global Film Cultures and Science and Environment and Risk Communication in 2015-16.

I also teach Music as Communication for Year 3 and Musical Communication at MA level. Both modules are aimed at at students who want to learn about music but have little formal training in the topic.

I contribute to the BA Film and Media, led by  the Department of History of Art and Film, via teaching on the IDeoGRAMS research connected module 'Seriality: Film, Television and Other Media'.

I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and won teaching awards from the University of Leicester Students' Union in 2011 and 2014.



  • Claydon, EA (2016) Analysing Films: How to Study, Research and Write about Film. Palgrave-Macmillan. Commissioned and being written. Initial due date January 2016, revisions by June 2016, publication late 2016.
  • Claydon, EA (2016) ‘British South-Asian Cinema and Identity: ‘Nostalgia in the Post-National: Contemporary British Cinema and the South-Asian Diaspora’ and ‘When did Mr Collins become the ‘Ugly American’? Representing America in the films of Gurinder Chadha’. Reissued journal articles in South Asian Diaspora: Literature, Theater and Cinema Ed. Ajay K Chaubey. India (recent communication, so I do not have a publisher’s name as yet).
  • Claydon, EA (2015) ‘A Man for All Seasons? Civil Disobedience and the Timeliness of the Soundtrack in the story of Thomas More’. Re-Focus: Fred Zinnemann. Eds. Hoyle, B and Gustafsson, F. Edinburgh UP. Submitted.
  • Claydon, EA (2016/17) ‘When Johnny Comes Marching Home from all Work and no Play he’s a Bad, Bad, Boy: Music, Adaptation and the Palimpsest in Kubrick’s Dr Strangelove and The Shining’Deleuze Studies. Submitted.
  • Claydon, EA (2016) ‘Cast Offs: The Tensions of Disability as Entertainment’, Journal of Popular Television. Accepted subject to amendments currently underway.
  • Claydon, EA (2015/16) ‘Bonded to the Series: Musical Style, Performance and the Successes of the 007 Soundtrack’ The Soundtrack. In Press.



  • Claydon, EA (2005) The Representation of Masculinity in British Cinema of the 1960s (Edwin Mellen, 2005) – prefaced by Prof. John Beynon.  ISBN: 0773459723 – This is taught on the British Cinema of the 1930s and 1960s module at the Technical University of Dresden.


  • Claydon, EA (2015) ‘Framing the Difference(s): Analysing the Representation of the Body and the Athlete in the 2012 Olympics’ and Paralympics’ official programmes’ in Reframing disability? Media, (dis)empowerment and voice in the 2012 Paralympics. Eds Dan Jackson et al. London: Routledge, 79-93.
  • Claydon, EA; Reilly, P and Gunter, B (2015) ‘Dis/Enablement? An analysis of the representation of impairment and disability on British terrestrial television pre- and post- the Paralympics’ in Reframing disability? Media, (dis)empowerment and voice in the 2012 Paralympics. Eds Dan Jackson et al. London: Routledge, 37-65. 40%
  • Claydon, EA (2012) ‘Cultural Crossover: Multiculturalism in British Cinema', 'The Drum, 1937', 'Sapphire, 1958' and 'My Son the Fanatic, 1997' in Directory of World Cinema: British Cinema. Ed. Emma Bell and Neil Mitchell. Intellect, 35 - 42.
  • Claydon, EA (2011) ‘National Identity: The GPO film unit and their music’. The Projection of Britain: A History of the GPO Film Unit. Eds. Scott Antony and James Mansell. Palgrave-Macmillan, 179-187.
  • Claydon, EA (2010) ‘Masculinity and Deviance in British Cinema of the 1970s: Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll’. Don’t Look Now? British Cinema in the 1970s. Ed. Paul Newland. Intellect, 2010, 131-143. ISBN 9781 83150 3202
  • Claydon, EA (2003) ‘Masculinity, Fantasy and Bhaji on the Beach’, Picturing South Asian CultureIn English: Textual & Visual Representations ed. Tasleem Shakur and Karen D’Souza (Open House Press, 2003), 149-161. ISBN: 0954446305 – this is on the reading list at the University of Pennsylvania for module British Cinema and its Discontents.

Journal articles

  • Claydon, EA (2011) ‘Film Music, Musicology and Semiotics: Analysing The Draughtsman’s Contract (Peter Greenaway, 1982)’. Journal of British Cinema and Television, Vol. 8. No. 1 (2011): 62-80. ISSN 1743-4521
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  • Claydon, EA (2005) ‘Cityscope: The City and the Cinema’, Global Built-Environment Review (Vol 5. No.1 2005) 57-68. Also available online athttp://www.edgehill. ac.uk/gber/new_issue.html ISSN: 1474-6824 (Online); ISBN 1474-6832 (Print). Also available published online via http://www.netlexfrance.info/?tag=city

Conference proceedings

  • Claydon, EA (2010) 'Teaching post-colonialism amidst post-colonial guilt: Empire busting in UK HE Teaching' Proceedings of the First Convention of the Asian Association of World Historians (Winter 2009-10) CD-ROM. File ID: Claydon
  • Claydon, EA (2005)‘Learning from the Audience: Cinema Studies, Archiving and Film Societies’ Collections from the 1930s to the 1970s’. Conference Proceedings of Not Gazing, but Watching: the Enigma of the Film Audience (Edinburgh Film Guild, 2005). CD-Rom.


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I have also delivered over 55 conference papers 2000-2014 and typically deliver at two-three conferences per year, both nationally and internationally.

This is a short presentation filmed by the University by my former student Saffi Barham, where I talk about the third year module Music as Communication.


My current research is centred upon the following areas:

  • music and film
  • disability in the media
  • seriality in the media

Recent work on music has focused on film music, adaptation and serial form issues whilst work on disability issues, based within my research group IDeoGRAMS, has been on representation of disability on UK terrestrial TV (with Emeritus Professor Barrie Gunter and Paul Reilly) and on the photographic and advertising representations of disability in the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics official programmes.

A new disability studies project we are working on in IDeoGRAMS will examine faith healers and disability in the media, whilst my music work will continue to focus on serial forms in film and TV and how the music in such texts engages with this.

In parallel to my work on the body in the guise of disabled subjectivities, I also have a long-standing interest in the body in science fiction and am working on representations of cloning and genetics with my colleague Chris Willmott from Genetics, which is again an IDeoGRAMS project.

As can be seen from my list of publications, I have written and presented on a wide variety of subjects, which reflects the diversity of my interests in many areas of film (science fiction, narratology, British cinema, gender theory, computer graphics, subjectivity, psychoanalysis etc) and I fervently believe in the merits of maintaining a varied range of research interests as an academic and educator.

In recent years, this has meant that my work on music, disability and seriality are making connections across each other which is opening up new areas for research. For example, a new, smaller study I am starting examines the representation of music and disability in film and my ongoing work on cloning and genetics is interested in the ‘deviant’ body as serial form, as well as the science fiction trope or the mass production of humanity.

I currently have research students working on serial forms and texts across media, although recent PhDs I supervised have studied film music and semiotics and the representation of Arabs in film. I would encourage any potential PhD students to get in touch before developing their PhD proposal for an informal chat.


I am interested in hearing from prospective research students who would like to undertake research into any of my areas of interest, in particular those who might want to work on

  • British cinema
  • British-South Asian film spectatorship
  • disability in film and television
  • film and music
  • seriality

My recent completed PhD student is Konsti Kalogeropoulos, who worked on film music (specifically The Lord of the Rings series) and I am currently co-supervising Sarah Penger (on transmedia serial forms).

I have also supervised many Master's dissertations on subjects as wide-ranging as

  • electronic music in film
  • film marketing
  • national cinemas
  • fantasy
  • psychoanalysis
  • Confucianism in Chinese cinema

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