Antoine Badaoui

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MA in Non-profit Management - Adler University, USA

DU in Information and Communication - Université de Bourgogne

BA in Information and Communication - The Lebanese University, Lebanon

PhD Topic

The social media strategies of LGBT organisations in Lebanon

Fourth year of study (part-time)

Brief Description of PhD topic

I research the social media strategies of Lebanese LGBT non-profit organisations. For that, I adopt a social media affordances’ framework.  I focus on three affordances significant to organisational online strategies: visibility, association and persistence. Because of the Lebanese socio-political structures, LGBT individuals seek invisibility to remain safe and escape social and legal discrimination. Online, LGBT organisations enact social media affordances to provide their cause with the visibility required to achieve social justice. While doing so, they engage with the socio-political peculiarities of their environment to create culturally aware strategies. Besides, by enacting the affordance of association, they also provide their stakeholders with the opportunity to network and weave relationships in an online environment, relatively safer than the offline one. The affordance of persistence enables the organisations and their stakeholders to exchange information regardless of the spatio-temporal limitations of the offline world. In my research, I link online content (i.e. the message) to its source (i.e. the organisations) and its receivers (i.e. the organisations’ stakeholders). I also explore the country’s socio-political background influencing the organisations’ digital activism and affecting the participation of the stakeholders in said activism.

PhD Supervisors

Dr Tracy Simmons

Dr Panayiota Tsatsou


Badaoui, A. 'Transgressing Heteronormativity Online: A Study of Social Media Videos of LGBT Organisations in Lebanon', Queering Authoritarianisms: Conflict, Resistance, and Coloniality – panel: Authoritarianisms Caught in the Web: Queer Digital Activisms, Centre For Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Cambridge, Mar 25, 2021, UK.

Badaoui, A. ‘LGBT organisations and LGBT social media visibility in Lebanon’, 18th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media, Athens Institute for Education and Research, May 11, 2020 Athens, Greece.

Badaoui, A. 'LGBT visibility in Lebanon', 2nd seminar on Brazil and the Middle East - panel on Gender in the Middle East, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Dec 03, 2018 Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro.



Social Justice Contributor Award, Adler University, 2019.

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