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Prospective undergraduate students frequently ask similar questions during their search for a University and a course to suit them. We hope that this list will provide answers to some of the questions that you may have. 



What is the difference between BSc Financial Maths and BSc Maths with Economics?

BSc Financial Maths has a prescribed curriculum with limited options. The curriculum is based on the demands of financial sector employers. However, the BSc Maths with Economics has more options, meaning it is flexible and attractive to students with a broad interest in mathematics and economics that have not yet decided which subject to focus on.


Does the Department sort out placements for the 'year in industry'?

The Mathematics Department can strongly support your search for a placement but does not directly arrange the placement. You will need to go through the application process for the particular placement and this is often competitive. There will be a support member of staff for the placement, and you should expect to be visited a couple of times during the year. You will pay half the fees applicable.


Could I switch between degrees at the end of my first year?

There is some possibility to switch between degrees providing that you have already covered the core modules of the degree you would be switching to.


How does the funding work and what fees can I expect for the year in USA (or) Europe?

You would pay the UK fee to the University of Leicester (normally half the usual fees), but you will be expected to pay the accommodation costs and living expenses etc. in the overseas country. This cost may be very different to similar expenses incurred during your time in the UK.


Which universities in USA and Europe are offered?

  • European universities offered: the University of Hamburg in Germany, INSA Toulouse in France and Groningen in Holland.
  • United States of America universities offered [availability of places alters year on year]: University of Miami in Florida, The State University of New York in Buffalo, CSULB in Long Beach California, Kent State in Ohio and Utah.


What exemptions can we get from the professional exams for actuarial science?

For the Faculty and Institute of Actuaries' passing certain statistics modules across all years with an appropriate mark would grant exemption from CT3, all other exemptions you can apply for directly to the IFoA once you have your marks.


What is the gender split of students taking Maths?

Almost equal numbers of each gender and there are not noticeably more boys than girls.


How easy is it to change between the BSc and MMath Degrees?

It is possible to change onto the MMath degree as long as you have obtained a certain (52% or more) percentage in the first 2 years of your BSc degree. There is also a requirement that those already on the MMath get at least this percentage otherwise they would have to change to the BSc. It would be advisable to UK home students that those wishing to take the MMath start on this degree as it may be more difficult to switch later as extra funding would have to be requested from your LEA.


If I list Leicester as my 'insurance choice' on my UCAS form and I receive offers from both my first choice and insurance choice universities, can I still choose Leicester?

Yes, as long as the requirements are met. You would be required to speak to UCAS and the Department in order to get this process completed.


If you have any other questions please contact the Maths office by email or phone +44(0)116 252 3917

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