VEM Project

EPSRC Research project. Grant EP/L022745/1. July 2014 - May 2016.

The Virtual Element Method (VEM): a novel paradigm for the numerical solution of Partial Differential Equations (PDEs).

Objectives of the VEM project

  1. Foundations of VEM: analysis of the theoretical and practical aspects characterising the VEM.
  2. Development of new VEMs: devise new methods for classical but difficult mathematical models such as steady and unsteady reaction-convection-diffusion problem and the steady Stokes problem.
  3. Design of adaptive/multiscale methods: analysis and implementation of advanced techniques for the resolution of important localised effects and thus enabling to fully exploit the flexibility of the VEM
  4. Software development: implement all techniques developed as public domain software, in order to consolidate and disseminate the knowledge acquired.

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