Research Reports 2016

MA16-01 EL Green, S Schroll Special multserial algebras are quotients of symmetric special multiserial algebras [Download]
MA16-02 AN Gorban, EM Mirkes, A Zinovyev Robust principal graphs for data approximation [Download]
MA16-03 EM Mirkes, TJ Coats, J Levesley, AN Gorban Handling missing data in large healthcare dataset: a case study of unknown trauma outcomes [Download]
MA 16-04 RL Davidchack, BB Laird, R Roth Hard spheres at a planar hard wall: Simulations and density functional theory [Download]
MA 16-05 A Cangiani, G Manzini, OJ Sutton Conforming and nonconforming virtual element methods for elliptic problems [Download]
MA 16-06 A Cangiani, EH Georgoulis, T Pryer, OJ Sutton A posteriori error estimates for the virtual element method [Download]
MA 16-07 I Gálvez-Carrillo, J Kock, A Tonks Homotopy linear algebra [Download]
MA 16-08 A Clark, J Hunton The homology core and invariant measures [Download]
MA 16-10 F Neumann, M Szymik Spectral sequences for Hochschild cohomology and graded centers of derived categories [Download]
MA 16-11
O Mata-Gutiérrez, F Neumann
Geometry of Moduli Stacks of $(k, l) $-stable vector bundles over an algebraic curve [Download]
MA 16-12 JP Boroński, A Clark, P Oprocha New exotic minimal sets from pseudo-suspensions of Cantor systems [Download]
MA 16-13 A Baranov, A Mudrov, V Ostapenko Quantum exceptional group $ G_2 $ and its conjugacy classes [Download]
MA 16-14 A Baranov, AF López Maximal zero product subrings and inner ideals of simple rings [Download]
MA 16-15 A Baranov, A Mudrov, H Shlaka Wedderburn-Malcev decomposition of one-sided ideals of finite dimensional algebras [Download]
MA 16-16 A Baranov, H Shlaka Jordan-Lie inner ideals of finite dimensional associative algebras [Download]
MA 16-17 I Gálvez-Carrillo, RM Kaufmann, A Tonks Three Hopf algebras and their common simplicial and categorical background [Download]
MA 16-18 I Gálvez-Carrillo, J Kock, A Tonks Decomposition spaces in combinatorics [Download]
MA 16-19 S Paoli Homotopically discrete higher categorical structures [Download]
MA 16-20 S Paoli Pseudo-functors modelling higher structures [Download]
MA 16-21 Z Chen, B Wang How priors of initial hyperparameters affect Gaussian process regression models [Download]
MA 16-22 AN Gorban, EM Mirkes, A Zinovyev Piece-wise quadratic lego set for constructing arbitrary error potentials and their fast optimization [Download]
MA 16-23 A Cangiani, Z Dong, EH Georgoulis $hp$-Version space-time discontinuous Galerkin methods for parabolic problems on prismatic meshes [Download]
MA 16-24 S Paoli Weakly globular Tamsamani N-categories and their rigidification [Download]
MA 16-25 A Mudrov Star-product on complex sphere $\ mathbb {S}^{2n} $ [Download]
MA 16-26 L Banjai, EH Georgoulis, O Lijoka A Trefftz polynomial space-time discontinuous Galerkin method for the second order wave equation [Download]
MA 16-27 EH Georgoulis, T Pryer Analysis Of Discontinuous Galerkin Methods Using Mesh-Dependent Norms
MA 16-28 F Usta, J Levesley Quasi-interpolation on a sparse grid with Gaussian [Download]
MA 16-29 J Levesley Convergence of Multilevel Stationary Gaussian Quasi-Interpolation [Download]
MA 16-30 S Paoli Weakly globular N-fold categories as a model of weak N-categories [Download]
MA 16-31 AN Gorban, IY Tyukin, I Romanenko The blessing of dimensionality: Separation theorems in the thermodynamic limit  [Download]
MA 16-32 DL Crane, RL Davidchack, AN Gorban Minimal cover of high-dimensional chaotic attractors by embedded coherent structures [Download]
MA 16-33 AM Tom, S Vemparala, R Rajesh, N Brilliantov Mechanism of chain collapse of strongly charged polyelectrolytes [Download]
MA 16-34 AM Tom, S Vemparala, R Rajesh, N Brilliantov Regimes of strong electrostatic collapse of a highly charged polyelectrolyte in a poor solvent [Download]
MA 16-35 S Schroll Brauer graph algebras [Download]

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