Research Reports 2015

MA15-01 DS Goldobin, EA Susloparov, AV Pimenova, NV Brilliantov Collision of viscoelastic bodies: Rigorous derivation of dissipative force [Download]
MA15-02 J. Shek, J. Law, S. Levendorskii Efficient Option Pricing Under Levy Processes, with CVA and FVA [Download]
MA15-03 T Pirashvili Goodwillie's calculus via relative homological algebra. The abelian case [Download]
MA15-04 T Ashton, A Mudrov

Representations of quantum conjugacy classes of orthosymplectic groups [Download]

MA15-05 Z Dong, EH Georgoulis, J Levesley, F Usta Fast multilevel sparse Gaussian kernels for high-dimensional approximation and integration [Download]
MA15-06 A Cangiani, EH Georgoulis, I Kyza, S Metcalfe Adaptivity and blow-up detection for nonlinear evolution problems [Download]

A. K. Kushpel, J. Levesley, X. Sun

Approximation of exponential-type functions on a uniform grid by shifts of a basis function [Download]

MA15-08 EM Mirkes, T Walsh, EJ Louis, AN Gorban Long and short range multi-locus QTL interactions in a complex trait of yeast [Download]
MA15-09 V Stadnichuk, A Bodrova, N Brilliantov Smolukhowski aggregation-fragmentation equations: Fast numerical algorithm for steady-state solution [Download]
MA15-10 A.N. Gorban, V.N. Kolokoltsov
Generalized Mass Action Law and Thermodynamics of Nonlinear Markov Processes [Download]
MA15-11 A.N. Gorban, N. Jarman, E. Steur, C. van Leeuwen, I. Tyukin Leaders do not look back, or do they? [Download]
MA15-12 A Kushpel, J Levesley Entropy of Sobolev's classes on Compact Homogeneous Riemannian Manifolds [Download]
MA15-13 AV Pimenova, DS Goldobin, J Levesley, AO Ivantsov, P Elkington, M Bacciarelli Magnetic Flux Leakage Method: Large-Scale Approximation [Download]
MA15-14 I Gálvez, V Gorbounov, Z Shaikh, A Tonks The Berkovits Complex and Semi-free Extensions of Koszul Algebras [Download]
MA15-15 A Athanassoulis Wigner measures for Schrödinger equations with weak power nonlinearities [Download]
MA15-16 A.N. Gorban, I.Yu. Tyukin, D.V. Prokhorov, K.I. Sofeikov Approximation with Random Bases: Pro et Contra [Download]

PF Antonietti, A Cangiani, J Collis, Z Dong, EH Georgoulis, S Giani, P Houston

Review of discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods for partial differential equations on complicated domains [Download]
MA15-18 E. Fehrman, A.K. Muhammad, E.M. Mirkes, V. Egan, A.N. Gorban The Five Factor Model of personality and evaluation of drug consumption risk [Download]
MA15-19 A.J. Bell
MD simulation for head-on collision of liquid nanodroplets obeying modied L-J potential [Download] or here [Download]
MA15-20 A Cangiani, G Manzini, OJ Sutton Conforming and nonconforming virtual element methods for elliptic problems [Download]
MA15-21 A Clark, L Sadun Small cocycles, fine torus fibrations, and a Zd subshift with neither [Download]
IYu Tyukin, AN Gorban, TA Tyukina, JAl Ameri, YuA Korablev
Fast Sampling of Evolving Systems with Periodic Trajectories [Download]
MA15-23 A Mudrov Regularization of Mickelsson generators for non-exceptional quantum groups [Download]
MA15-24 I Gálvez-Carrillo, J Kock, A Tonks Decomposition spaces, incidence algebras and Möbius inversion III: the decomposition space of Möbius intervals [Download]
MA15-25 I Gálvez-Carrillo, J Kock, A Tonks

Decomposition spaces, incidence algebras and Möbius inversion II: completeness, length filtration, and finiteness [Download]

MA15-26 AN Gorban, TA Tyukina, EV Smirnova, LI Pokidysheva Evolution of adaptation mechanisms: adaptation energy, stress, and oscillating death [Download]
MA15-27 EL Green, S. Schroll Brauer configuration algebras: A generalization of Brauer graph algebras [Download]
MA15-28 EL Green, S. Schroll Multiserial and special multiserial algebras and their representations [Download]

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