Research Reports 2014

MA14-01 A.N. Gorban, A. Pitenko, A. Zinovyev ViDaExpert: user-friendly tool for nonlinear visualization and analysis of multidimensional vectorial data [Download]
MA14-02 S. Gepshtein, I. Tyukin Optimal measurement of visual motion across spatial and temporal scales [Download]
MA14-03 Sibylle Schroll Trivial Extensions of Gentle Algebras and Brauer Graph Algebras [Download]
MA14-04 D. Chakrabarty, P. Saha

Inverse Bayesian Estimation of Gravitational Mass Density in Galaxies from Missing Kinematic Data [Download]

MA14-05 D. Chakrabarty, F. Rigat, N. Gabrielyan, R. Beanland, Shashi Paul Bayesian Density Estimation via Multiple Sequential Inversions of 2-D Images with Application in Electron Microscopy [Download]
MA14-06 Nazmi Burak Budanur, Predrag Cvitanović, Ruslan L. Davidchack, Evangelos Siminos

Reduction of SO(2) symmetry for spatially extended dynamical systems[Download]

MA14-07 A.N. Gorban Detailed balance in micro- and macrokinetics and micro-distinguishability of macro-processes [Download]
MA14-08 R. Kurdiani, T. Pirashvili Functor homology and homology of commutative monoids [Download]
MA14-09 J.Z. Farkas, A.Y. Morozov

Modelling effects of rapid evolution on persistence and stability in structured predator-prey systems [Download]

MA14-10 A.V. Pimenova, D.S. Goldobin
Boiling of the interface between two immiscible liquids below the bulk boiling temperatures of both components [Download]
MA14-11 D.S. Goldobin, K.V. Kovalevskaya, D.V. Lyubimov
Elastic and inelastic collisions of interfacial solitons and integrability of two-layer fluid system subject to horizontal vibrations [Download]
MA14-12 A. Athanassoulis, T. Katsaounis, I. Kyza On a selection principle for multivalued semiclassical flows [Download]
M. Boyarchenko, S. Levendorskii

Ghost calibration and pricing barrier options and CDS in spectrally one-sided Lévy models: the parabolic Laplace inversion method [Download]

MA14-14 A. Kushpel, J. Levesley Reconstruction of density functions by sk-splines [Download]
MA14-15 A. Djament, T. Pirashvili, C. Vespa Cohomologie des foncteurs polynomiaux sur les groupes libres [Download]
MA14-16 R.L. Davidchack, B.B. Laird, R. Roth Parameterizing the surface free energy and excess adsorption of a hard-sphere fluid at a planar hard wall [Download]
MA14-17 S. Boyarchenko, S. Levendorskii Perpetual American Options with Disconnected Exercise Regions in Lévy Models [Download]
MA14-18 D.S. Goldobin, A.V. Pimenova Assessment of the dependence of (δS/δV) on the heat influx for a well-stirred two-phase system with interfacial boiling [Download]
MA14-19 K. Leschke, K. Moriya Simple factor dressing and the Lopez-Ros deformation of minimal surfaces in Euclidean 3-space [Download]
MA14-20 G. Manzini, A. Cangiani, O. Sutton Numerical results using the conforming VEM for the convection-diffusion-reaction equation with variable coefficients [Download]
MA14-21 G. Manzini, A. Cangiani, O. Sutton The Conforming Virtual Element Method for the convection-diffusion-reaction equation with variable coeffcients [Download]
MA14-22 P. Antonelli, A. Athanassoulis, Z. Huang, P.A. Markowich Numerical simulations of X-rays Free Electron Lasers (XFEL) [Download]
MA14-23 I. Canakci, S. Schroll Extensions in Jacobian Algebras and Cluster Categories of Marked Surfaces [Download]
MA14-24 A.N. Gorban, I.Yu. Tyukin, H. Nijmeijer Further Results on Lyapunov-Like Conditions of Forward Invariance and Boundedness for a Class of Unstable Systems [Download]
MA14-25 N.V. Brilliantov, A.V. Pimenova, D.S. Goldobin A dissipative force between colliding viscoelastic bodies: Rigorous results [Download]

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