Research Reports 2012

MA12-01 A.N. Gorban Thermodynamic Tree: The Space of Admissible Paths [Download]
MA12-02 A. Gorban, I.Tyukin, E. Steur, and H. Nijmeijer Lyapunov-like Conditions of Forward Invariance and Boundedness for a Class of Unstable Systems [Download]
MA12-03 Yuri Matiyasevich New Conjectures about Zeroes of Riemann's Zeta Function [Download]
Supplementary material: Presentation "New Conjectures about Zeroes of Riemann’s Zeta Function", a talk given at the Leicester Mathematical Seminar 18 June, 2012 [Download]
MA12-04 T. Hangelbroek, J. Levesley     On the density of polyharmonic splines [Download]   
MA12-05 I. Tyukin, V. Kazantsev Precise self-tuning of spiking patterns in coupled neuronal oscillators [Download
MA12-06 Indranil Biswas, Frank Neumann Atiyah sequences, connections and characteristic forms for principal bundles over groupoids and stacks [Download]
MA12-07 Frank Neumann Algebraic stacks and moduli of vector bundles [Download]
MA12-08 Imma Gálvez-Carrillo, Frank Neumann, and Andrew Tonks Thomason cohomology of categories [Download]
MA12-09  D.Blanc, S.Paoli  n-fold groupoids, n-types and n-track categories [Download]
MA12-10  S.Paoli, D. Pronk  Bicategories and weakly globular double categories [Download]
MA12-11  E. H. Georgoulis, J. Levesley and F. Subhan  Multilevel sparse kernel-based interpolation [Download]
MA12-12  D. Elfverson, E. H. Georgoulis and A. Målqvist  An adaptive discontinuous Galerkin multiscale method for elliptic problems [Download]
MA12-13  M. Arioli, E. H. Georgoulis and D. Loghin  Stopping criteria for adaptive finite element solvers [Download]
 MA12-14  A. Cangiani, J. Chapman, E. H. Georgoulis and M. Jensen  On local super-penalization of interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin methods [Download]
MA12-15  A. Cangiani, E. H. Georgoulis and S. Metcalfe  An a posteriori error estimator for discontinuous Galerkin methods for non-stationary convection-diffusion problems [Download]
 MA12-16  A. Cangiani, E. H. Georgoulis and M. Jensen  Discontinuous Galerkin methods for mass transfer through semi-permeable membranes [Download]
 MA12-17  A. Cangiani, J. Chapman, E. H. Georgoulis and M. Jensen  On the stability of continuous-discontinuous Galerkin methods for advection-diffusion-reaction problems [Download]
 MA12-18  D. Elfverson, E. H. Georgoulis, A. Målqvist and D. Peterseim  Convergence of a discontinuous Galerkin multiscale method [Download]
 MA12-19  A. N. Gorban, E. M. Mirkes, and G. S. Yablonsky  Thermodynamics in the Limit of Irreversible Reactions [Download]

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