Reports 2007

MA 07-01 R.-O. Buchweitz, E. Green, N. Snashall, O. Solberg

Multiplicative Structures for Koszul Algebras

MA 07-02 E. Green, J. Hunton, N. Snashall

Coverings, the Graded Center and Hochschild Cohomology

MA 07-03 S. Fedotov, G. Milstein, M. Tretyakov

Superdiffusion of a random walk driven by ergodic Markov process with switching

MA 07-04 R. M. Green and P. P. Martin, A. Parker

On the non-generic representation theory of the symplectic blob algebra

MA 07-05 A. Parker

On a result of Jensen

MA 07-06 R. Brownlee, A. Gorban, J. Levesley

Stable simulation of fluid flow with high-Reynolds number using Ehrenfests’ steps

MA 07-07 J. Crofts, R. Davidchack

On the use of stabilising transformations for detecting unstable periodic orbits in the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation

MA 07-08 V. Franjou, T. Pirashvili

Strict Polynomial Functors and Coherent Functors

MA 07-09 G. Milstein, M. Tretyakov

Solving linear parabolic stochastic partial differential equations via averaging over characteristics

MA 07-10 E. H. Georgoulis, E. Hall, P. Houston

Discontinuous Galerkin methods on hp-anisotropic meshes II: A posteriori error analysis and adaptivity

MA 07-11 E. H. Georgoulis, P. Houston

Discontinuous Galerkin methods for the biharmonic problem

MA 07-12 H.-J. Baues, M. Jibladze, T. Pirashvili

Quadratic algebra of square groups

MA 07-13 K. Baur, J. Draisma

Secant Dimensions of Low-Dimensional Homogeneous Varieties [Download]

MA 07-14  S. Petrovskii, R. Blackshaw, B.-L. Li

Persistence of Structured Populations with and without the Allee Effect under Adverse Environmental Conditions

MA 07-15 A. Gorban, O. Radulescu

Dynamic and static limitation in multiscale reaction networks, revisited

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