Reports 2006

MA 06-001  R. A. Brownlee, P. Houston, J. Levesley and S. Rosswog

Enhancing SPH using Moving Least-Squares and Radial Basis Functions. [Download]


MA 06-002  E. H. Georgoulis

Inverse-Type Estimates on hp-Finite Element Spaces and Applications. [Download]


MA 06-003  R. A. Brownlee, E. H. Georgoulis and J. Levesley.

Extending the Range of Error Estimates for Radial Approximation in Euclidean Space and on Spheres. [Download]


MA 06-004  D. Hunt

Mesh-free Radial Basis Function Methods for Advection-Dominated Diffusion Problems. (Ph.D. Thesis)


MA 06-005  K. Baur, J. Draisma and W. de Graaf

Secant Dimensions of Minimal Orbits: Computations and Conjectures. [Download]


MA 06-006  K. Baur and N. Wallach

A Class of Gradings of Simple Lie Algebras. [Download]


MA 06-007  A. Gorban

Basic Types of Coarse-Graining. [Download]


MA 06-008  R. A. Brownlee, A. Gorban and J. Levesley

Stabilisation of the Lattice-Boltzmann Method using the Ehrenfests' Coarse-Graining. [Download]


MA 06-009  E. H. Georgoulis and D. Loghin

Krylov-Subspace Preconditiners for Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods. [Download]


MA 06-010  E. H. Georgoulis and D. Loghin

Norm Preconditiners for Discontinuous Galerkin hp-Finite Element Methods. [Download]


MA 06-011  A. Cangiani, E. H. Georgoulis and M. Jensen

Continuous and Discontinuous Finite Element Methods for Convection-Diffusion Problems: A Comparison. [Download]


MA 06-012  Karin Baur and Robert Marsh

A Geometric Description of m-Cluster Categories


MA 06-013  Grigori Milstein and Michael Tretyakov

Mote Carlo algorithms for backward equations in nonlinear filtering


MA 06-014  Stephen Garrett and Nigel Peake

The absolute instability of the boundary layer on a rotating cone


MA 06-015  Karin Baur and Simon Goodwin

Richardson Elements for Parabolic Subgroups of Classical Groups in Positive Characteristic


MA 06-016  P. Houston, E. H. Georgoulis and E. Hall

Adaptivity and A Posteriori Error Estimation For DG Methods on Anisotropic Meshes [Download]



MA 06-017  T. Aboiyar, E. H. Georgoulis and A. Iske

High Order WENO Finite Volume Schemes Using Polyharmonic Spline Reconstruction [Download]


MA 06-018  E. H. Georgoulis, E. Hall and P. Houston

Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Advection-Diffusion-Reaction Problems on Anisotropically Refined Meshes [Download]


MA 06-019  Grigori Milstein and Michael Tretyakov

Practical Variance Reduction via Regression for Simulating Diffusions


MA 06-020  Claire Irving

Euler Characteristics and Cohomology for Quasiperiodic Projection Patterns (PhD Thesis)


MA 06-021  Karin Baur and Robert Marsh

A Geometric Description of the m-Cluster Categories of Type D_n [Download]


MA 06-022  R Brownlee, A Gorban and J Levesley

Stability and Stabilisation of the Lattice Boltzmann Method [Download]


MA 06-023  E. H. Georgoulis, E. Hall and P. Houston

Discontinuous Galerkin Methods on hp-Anisotropic Meshes I: A priori Error Analysis [Download]


MA 06-024  S. Damelin, J. Levesley and X. Sun

Energies, Group Invariant Kernels and Numerical Integration on Compact Manifolds


MA 06-025  E. Green, N. Snashall, O. Solberg and D. Zacharia

Noetherianity and Ext


MA 06-026  R Brownlee, A Gorban and J Levesley

Stable multispeed lattice Boltzmann methods [Download]


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