Reports 2010


VN Stanciulescu and

MV Tretyakov

Numerical Solution of the Dirichlet problem for linear parabolic SPDEs based on averaging over characteristics


EH Georgoulis, Omar Lakkis and Charalambos Makridakis

A Posteriori L∞(L2)- Error Bounds in finite element approximation of the wave equation


SB Damelin and J Levesley

Hyperinterpolation, Packing and Spherical Designs on Projective Spaces


J Levesley and X Sun

Approximating Probability Measures on Manifolds via Radial Basis Functions


Terhemen Aboiyar Emmanuil H Georgoulis and Armin Iske

Adaptive ader methods using kernel-based polyharmonic spline weno reconstruction


TS Khan and J Levesley

Stabilizing Lattice Boltzmann simulation of fluid flow past a circular cylinder with Ehrenfests’ limiter


A Kushpel and J Levesley

Entropy and n-Widths of Sobolev Classes on Compact Riemannian Manifolds


A Clark and S Hurder

Homogeneous Matchbox Manifolds


A Clark, R Fokkink and O Lukina

The Schreier continuum and ends


J Levesley and B Li

Fast and Stable Interpolation of Well Data Using the Norm Function


E Georgoulis

Discontinuous Galerkin methods for linear problems; an introduction

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