Seminars 2015-2016

2015-2016 Leicester Pure Mathematics Seminar (Semester 2)


26/01/2016 Alison Parker (Leeds) Some central idempotents for the Brauer Algebra (abstract)

09/02/2016 Sian Fryer (Leeds) There And Back Again: A Localization's Tale (abstract)

16/02/2016 Radha Kessar (City) Ratonality properties for blocks of finite groups (abstract)

23/02/2016 Michael Whittaker (Glasgow) New directions in self-similar group theory (abstract)

01/03/2016 Alexander Kasprzyk (Nottingham ) Mirror Symmetry for del Pezzo surfaces (abstract)

08/03/2016 Stefan Kolb (Newcastle) Universal K-matrix for coideal subalgebras (abstract)

Thursday 24/03/2016 at 11am Mark Weber (Macquarie) Vines and internal algebras (abstract)

Wednesday 20/04/2016 at 1:30pm Ilke Canakci (Durham) Snake graphs, cluster algebras and continued fractions (abstract)

26/04/2016 Jing Ping Wang (Kent) Symbolic representation and classification of integrable equations (abstract)

03/05/2016 Dmitri Gourevich (Valenciennes) Quantum matrix algebras and braided Yangians (abstract)

10/05/2016 Martin Kalck (Edinburgh) Matrix factorisations: Knörrer’s periodicity and beyond (abstract)


2015-2016 Leicester Pure Mathematics Seminar (Semester 1)


25/08/2015 Maria Ronco (Universidad de Talca)  A regular operad on Dyck paths (abstract)

22/09/2015 Christine Vespa (Université de Strasbourg) Stable homology of automorphism groups of free groups and functor homology (abstract)

29/09/2015 (Double Seminar!) 
2pm: Martina Balagovic (Newcastle University) Universal K-matrices via quantum symmetric pairs (abstract) (slides)

3pm: James Waldron (Newcastle University) Lie algebroids and differentiable stacks (abstract)

06/10/2015 James Griffin (Coventry University) The space of circles (abstract) (slides)

13/10/2015 Szymon Dolecki (Université de Bourgogne) Convergence, compactness, completeness (abstract)

20/10/2015 André Neves (Imperial College London) Morse index and Geometry (abstract)

27/10/2015 Ana Rovi (Newcastle University) Lie algebroids in the Loday-Pirashvili category (abstract)

10/11/2015 Petter Bergh (NTNU, Trondheim) n-angulated categories (abstract)

17/11/2015 Sira Gratz (Leibniz Universität Hannover) Torsion pairs in discrete cluster categories of Dynkin type A (abstract)

24/11/2015 Sinead Lyle (University of East Anglia) Semigroup algebras and standard bases (abstract)

08/12/2015 Ian McIntosh (University of York) Minimal surfaces and their Higgs bundles (abstract)

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