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Projects with industry

Quaternary hydrate stability with British Geological Survey, University of Bristol, University of Leeds

Overall aim – To explore how the volume and stability of the global methane hydrate reservoir has changed since the last interglacial and to use this information to assess the potential for the large-scale destabilisation of methane hydrates in the future.

D.S. Goldobin, S.J. Hunter, A.M. Haywood, N.V. Brilliantov, J. Levesley, M.A. Lovell, A.J. Ridgwell, C.A. Rochelle, P.D. Jackson, J.G. Rees, Forecasting diffusive formation of free-gas methane layers in sea sediments, Proc. of the 7th Intl. Conf. on Gas Hydrates, 00471 (ICGH 2011), Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, July 17-21, 2011.

SJ Hunter, DS Goldobin, AM Haywood, A Ridgwell, JG Rees, Sensitivity of the global submarine hydrate inventory to scenarios of future climate change, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 367, 105-115, 2013.

PRESENTATION: Diffusive Evolution of Gaseous and Hydrate Horizons of Methane in Seabed

Lattice Boltzmann modelling of permeability and relative permeability of porous media for multi-phase flows, with Weatheford

We apply lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) to study the properties of and multi-component reacting fluid flow through granular materials. The aim is to evaluate permeability for one-component fluid and relative permeabilities (and capillary pressure effects) for two-component fluid and to use this permeability model as a constructive element of the multiscale models of the multicomponent reactive flows in complex non-uniform media with microstructure. The problem of modelling of multicomponent reactive flows in complex non-uniform media with microstructure is essentially important for Earth sciences.


The data of simulated hydrodynamic fields (pressure ) for Dry Berea sandstone

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