The department’s research includes a wide variety of topics in geometry ranging from pure aspects in algebraic, differential and combinatorial geometry to applications of geometric methods in visualisation, mathematical general relativity, dynamics and approximation theory.

Current members

Current research topics

  • Algebraic geometry, especially geometry and arithmetic of moduli spaces and algebraic stacks (F. Neumann)
  • Geometry of differentiable stacks and etale groupoids (F. Neumann)
  • Tilings & aperiodic patterns (A. Clark)
  • Foliation theory (A. Clark)
  • Symplectic geometry and integrable systems (K. Leschke)
  • Surface theory (K. Leschke)
  • Visualisation (K. Leschke)
  • Geometry in approximation theory (J. Levesley)

Some recent publications

  1. I. Biswas, F. Neumann, Atiyah sequences, connections and characteristic forms for principal bundles over groupoids and stacks. Comptes Rendus Math. Acad. Sci. Paris Ser I 352 (2014), 59--64. 
  2. A Clark, S Hurder, Homogeneous matchbox manifolds, Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 365 (2013), 3151-3191.
  3. F.E. Burstall, J.F. Dorfmeister, K. Leschke, A.C. Quintino, Darboux transforms and simple factor dressing of constant mean curvature surfaces, Manuscripta Mathematica, 140 (1-2) (2013), 213-236.
  4. E Carberry, K Leschke, F Pedit,  Darboux transforms and spectral curves of constant mean curvature surfaces revisited, Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry, 43 (4) (2013), 299-329.
  5. K Leschke, P Romon, Darboux transforms and spectral curves of Hamiltonian stationary Lagrangian toriCalculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations 38 (1-2) (2010), 45-74
  6. F. Neumann, Algebraic Stacks and Moduli of Vector Bundles. Publicacoes Matematicas, Research Monograph, IMPA Rio de Janeiro 2009, 142pp.

PhD Students

Dina Abuzaid, Chris Braun, Sheil McCann, Andrew Peden, Jamie Walton

Research students: Dina Abuzaid, Chris Braun, David Fletcher, Sheil McCann, Andrew Peden, Jamie Walton

Research associates: James Cranch, Marcello Felisatti, Olga Lukina, Daniele Sepe



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