Financial and Actuarial Mathematics

The statistical processes underlying modern finance generate challenges to both commercial and academic communities. We seek to provide insight into these processes, accompanied by the development of innovative techniques and computational tools.

Current research interests include:

  • Optimal stopping of Levy processes,
  • Option pricing, credit risk models,
  • Portfolio optimization,
  • Measures of risk and deviation, advance data analysis,
  • Statistical methodologies and applications in actuarial science,
  • Financial applications of optimal stochastic controls,
  • Anticipating the critical transitions on markets.

Current members

Some recent publications

  1. B Grechuk, M Zabarankin, Risk averse decision making under catastrophic risk, European Journal of Operational Research, 239 (1) (2014), 166–176.
  2. B Grechuk, M Zabarankin, Inverse portfolio problem with mean-deviation model, European Journal of Operational Research 234 (2) (2014), 481-490.
  3. M De Innocentis, S Levendorskiĭ, Pricing discrete barrier options and credit default swaps under Lévy processes, Quantitative Finance, 1-29 (2013).
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PhD students (current and some recently completed)

Alexander Kushpel Dominic Cortis
Juxi Li Marco de Innocentis
Jiayao Xie


NSF grant #DMS-0631628, "Firm dynamics with exogenous and endogenous regime shifts", Oct 2006-Oct 2008, PI S. Boyarchenko
PhD studentship grant, funded by Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and College of Science and Engineering of the University of Leicester, 2012

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