The conference programme contained both parallel sessions and minisymposia. Minisymposia focused on a particular topic of interest in the scientific remit of the conference.

Format of minisymposia. The standard format of a minisymposium consisted of either four 30-minute presentations (one session) or of two sessions of total length of 4 hours. A two-session minisymposium, had either eight 30-minute presentations or the first talk as an overview lecture of one hour length followed by six 30-minute presentations.

Numerical Solution of Stochastic PDE

 Organizers: A. Stuart (Warwick), M. Tretyakov (Leicester)
 Approximation Theory and Radial Basis Functions
Organizers: A. Iske (Hamburg), J. Levesley (Leicester)
Numerical Methods for Molecular Dynamics
 Organizers: T. Lelievre (Cermics/U. Paris 6), R. Davidchack (Leicester)
 Lattice-Boltzmann Methods for CFD
Organizers: S. Succi (Rome), A. Gorban (Leicester)
 Computational Finance
 Organizers: A. Kohatsu-Higa (Osaka), R. Kawai (Leicester)
Multiscale Methods for PDE
 Organizer: A. Malqvist (Uppsala)
 Numerical Methods for Singularly Perturbed Problems
 Organizer: G. Shishkin (Ekaterinburg)
 Parameter Estimation in Image Processing
Organizers: C.S. Garbe and R. Rannacher (Heidelberg)
 Error Control for FEM for Evolution PDEs
 Organizers: C. Makridakis (Crete)
 Discontinuous Galerkin Methods
 Organizer: P. Houston (Nottingham)
 Stabilization Mechanisms for Convection-Dominated Problems
 Organizer: E. Burman (Sussex)
Linear and Nonlinear Solvers for Fluids and Optimization
 Organizer: D. Loghin (Birmingham)
Finite Volumes and Mimetic discretizations
 Organizers: G. Manzini (Pavia), A. Cangiani (Leicester)
Computational Methods for Integral Equations
Organizer: S. N. Chandler-Wilde (Reading)
Recent Advances in Adaptive Finite Elements
Organizer: M. Braack (Kiel)
Numerical Methods for High Frequency Wave Problems
Organizer: D. Chappell and G. Tanner (Nottingham)
Computational Surfaces PDEs
Organizers: V. Styles (Sussex), C. Elliott (Warwick)
Recent Developments in Mesh Adaptation
Organizers: P. E. Farrell (Imperial College London), S. Micheletti and S. Perotto (Mox, Milan)
Advanced Numerical Methods on GPUs
Organizers: S. Turek and D. Goddeke (Dortmund)
Numerical Methods for Ecological Applications
Organizers: N. B. Petrovskaya (Birmingham), S. V. Petrovskii (Leicester)
Guaranteed Bounds for Approximation and Modeling Errors
Organizers: P. Neittaanmaki (Jyvaskyla), S. I. Repin (St. Petersburg)
Numerical Methods for Biomedical Problems
Organizers: S. Bertoluzza and M. Pennacchio (Pavia)
Numerical Methods in the Context of Model Reduction
Organizers: S. Perotto (Milan), M. Ohlberger and K. Smetana (Muenster)
Reliable and Efficient Methods for Time Dependent PDEs
Organizer: K. Mattsson (Uppsala)
Advanced Techniques for Numerical Simulation of Flow and Solute Transport
Organizers: M. Bause (Hamburg), F. A. Radu (Leipzig)
Domain-Specific Languages and Code Generation for PDE Problems
Organizers: G. N. Wells (Cambridge), K.-A. Mardal (Oslo)
Advanced Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Evolution Problems
Organizers: M. Jensen (Durham), E. H. Georgoulis (Leicester)
New Techniques and Models for Interface Treatment in Multiphase Flow
Organizers: B. Muller (Trondheim), G. Kreiss (Uppsala)

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